Thursday, September 4, 2014

A busy Labour Day weekend

In North America, we have a long weekend called Labour Day which is considered the last long holiday before the cool Fall weather sets in, and before kids go back to school. Usually we have no plans on the weekends, but this past weekend we were very, very busy!

On Saturday morning, we had one of our friend's children's birthday parties to attend. It was really fun because it was a fire truck theme and there was also a clown there. Not to mention, we were one of FOUR South Whindian couples it felt like home! I dressed Maya all up and I made sure to do a nice braid in her hair, which is getting really long. For party favors, they had fireman badges and she just loved it!

I remember their birthday party last year, and it seemed like it was just yesterday. This year of toddlerhood just went by so fast. I feel like as the years progress - and as I get quicker and more knowledgeable as a parent - it just goes by so fast!

On Saturday evening, we had to meet with my FIL's friends who are sending their daughter to UBC - school is starting this week.

And on Sunday morning I was busy cooking up a storm for our Tamil relatives who came up from Seattle. I made papads, lemon rice, tomato chutney, aloo jeera, and basmati rice.

Then, I had to rush out to my family friend's baby shower - of course still smelling like a big fat papad! Some of my readers may remember the couple Stewart & Daniela from my post last year of their fabulous intercultural wedding we attended. This year they are thrilled to welcome a baby (which I totally think is a girl), due this month. It is such a blessing and the whole family is so excited.

The baby shower was absolutely gorgeous and it was held in her photo studio, because Daniela is a professional photographer. Seeing all the baby clothes and nursery items, I felt the buzzing excitement in the air of welcoming a newborn child into the family. It totally gave me baby fever! To make it worse, there were not one, but TWO newborn babies there who were so sweet and beautiful. It has been such a long time since Maya was a little baby - I totally forgot about how amazing and exciting it is in those early days. (Of course in those few moments of seeing a peacefully sleeping newborn I got total selective amnesia and forgot how stressful those early days were of night wakings and breastfeeding!) I promptly came home and discussed with husband-ji about our future family planning! (i.e. Me demanding that we should have more kids soon...LOL!) Absolute baby fever, I tell you!

I left the party in awe of the cycle of life and what a blessing it is to raise children. Despite all the stresses and pressures of being a mother, the bottom line - is that children are an absolute miracle. And it was wonderful to be around a tribe of women who were celebrating Daniela become a mother.

I think one of the things I loved the most about this weekend was that I got a chance to do my photography again. I photographed both of the events with such a joy and vigor, and both of the families were very happy at the way the pics turned out!


Dear readers, what did you do over the long weekend? Did you travel anywhere or stay at home?



  1. 4 south whindian couples at one party! That's awesome. I rarely see them here. They are all with east Asians Bwahaha

    1. It was like a goldmine! Ha ha.....
      It is because my friend's husband works at the university, so it was all his university colleagues :)


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