Wednesday, September 10, 2014

(Almost) back to school

After Labour Day there has been the hustle and bustle around town with excited schoolkids and their backpacks, the weather changing and leaves turning yellow and falling to the ground.

I am planning to put Maya in preschool after the New Year so I have been busy looking at preschools in our area. I thought I found the one that she was going to go to, but something instinctual told me to seek out another one. Lo and behold...I kept looking and I found the perfect school for her! And she was accepted and will start in February!

I was amazed at this little school with doting teachers, a perfect classroom, an involved and caring headmistress and a beautiful little vegetable garden. They even have a miniature sized toilet! It was a wonderfully quaint school that looked just like they do in the movies. They will be teaching her the ABCs and teaching her how to take her shoes off and put them in her cubby. They will be taking the kids on field trips and doing lots of fun things with them.

And the first thing I felt was a sense of elated anxiety. I was so happy that I found the right place and I know she will love it...but I felt anxious for me....of me separating from her for part of the day. 

There is a gradual entry over 2 weeks so the children can get adjusted to the classroom and I'm just supposed to drop her there to minimize distraction. For example, the first day she will only go for 20 minutes or so, while I wait outside. I got anxiety just thinking about it - of leaving my daughter. Even though it's the perfect place - I started to realize that it's time for her to do things without me. I thought of all the field trips they would do and my disappointment that I wouldn't be able to go with her and watch her expressions as she learns. When am I going to cut MY umbilical cord?

Over the past two years, I have been so attached to my daughter. I have been by her side at every moment or just a stone's throw away. In times of extreme fatigue, it has been to my detriment. And now I have to send her to school because she's so ready for socialization and to learn. Somehow, I think it will be harder for me than for her...

It also really made me wonder about what I'll do with my extra time when she starts. I'll have half of my day completely free - now what the heck am I going to do? I haven't had this much freedom in three years! I want to spend my time doing something worthwhile, not just waiting for her to finish school. I have a bunch of ideas and I'm really excited to finally get the chance to work on my own career. It'll be a piece of cake compared to being a full-time "Supermom"!



  1. @Alexandra

    Every year the parents of pre school children in India have nervous break downs. Pre school admission and then nursery admissions are virtual battlefields of survival. I would say that it easier to get into Oxford and Cambridge and Ivy Leagues colleges than to get admission in an Indian school. This battle goes all the way upto high school and into colleges.

    we are the not only crazy people, it a world wide phenomeneon

    1. Ok, I am not alone! Yes I have heard that it is crazy expensive and there are no slots! So much pressure for the children and parents....

  2. Replies
    1. It is such a relief! On the lockdown with potty training now, we have a deadline!

  3. I have a flipside to your article. As a kid, my mum used to walk me to preschool. This was circa 1986, Bombay India. I used to have anxiety that you have when you leave Maya at preschool. I hated preschool and used to cry all the time. My mum used to wait for me outside the school all day long. Fast forward 27 years and I have gone from a bawling child to having earned a PhD. I owe my mum everything for having taken me to preschool even if it seemed to me to be against my will!;)

    I love my mum!!!(and my dad)

    1. Awwwwwwww :) amazing story. That really makes me feel great!

  4. Another milestone in life. Another schooling for the parents!


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