Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And he's back!

We have had quite a month this September with family drama, cold season, and husband-ji being completely bogged down with work. Husband-ji was away on two business trips this month, and got his first-ever flu in the entire 9 years that I have known him! (Hmmmm.....looks like his Indian immunity is going down!)

I was on my own for most of the month... and forgive me for tooting my own horn, but I did quite well! Maya was an absolute angel and was perfectly behaved the entire time that he was gone (which totally proves my point that she is more naughty around her dad!) I really enjoyed spending time with her one on one, and we did lots of fun stuff like play dates with friends, trips to the Farmer's Markets, walks in nature, and hours of reading stories. Her favorite book right now is Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and she loves practicing her "Roar" for Halloween! She is also repeatedly saying to me, "Happy First Birthday mummy" - no idea why, but it reminds me of this sweet viral video. She is also completely obsessed with dogs and wants to pet each one that she sees. When husband-ji was away, she even let me take a shower in the morning by quietly sitting in her desk and coloring, like the little student she is! Her daddy likes to pamper her A LOT so I took the opportunity while he was away to work on encouraging her to be more helpful. It was an absolute success - she helped me load laundry, hold the door for me, helped me bring up light grocery bags and clean up all her toys at the end of the night. 

However, I am really glad he's back now and I really started to miss his company (or maybe I just selectively forgot all the ways he can annoy me...ha!) I missed him so much that I actually made him idly for breakfast! Normally I just let him starve in the morning, the poor guy. I am glad that he is back not only to have his company, but also to have my co-pilot-parent back. Now I can resume my morning exercise, and get back to my normal work schedule as well as working on my photography.

Motherhood was not too hard while he was away - it was really long days, totally non-stop, but it was manageable. Which kind of maybe makes me think that she was picking up on our stresses before, with her tantrums. Now I am pretty exhausted though, and can't wait to have a day to sleep in and also treat myself by getting a massage soon! I may just fall asleep and start snoring on the table!

We have a babysitter coming this week, which I am SO nervous about. Slowly but surely, we are building our little village and figuring things out! 

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  1. Your husband ji is a pakka indian daddy. He never lets her do her own stuff. She knows that and doesn't help ha ha. Teaching her to help and do her own stuff is so important. Daddy is not always around to help you know!!

    Distance is good once in a while ;)


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