Thursday, September 25, 2014

To the market, we go!

One of the things that I love about Vancouver is that not only do we have a grand daily public market (Granville Island), but we also have these nice little pop-up farmer's markets around town, on the weekends. 

I'm always searching for fun things to do with Maya, so I decided to take her to the weekend farmer's market just to check it out. I haven't taken her since she was an infant, so it was really fun to do it with her now, as an older kid who can understand things. We had such a lovely time!

The farmer's market had fresh, seasonal produce from local farmers as well as artisan baked goods, teas and crafts. It was a lovely atmosphere that was friendly to families, as there was a violinist band and a balloon man there as well.

Maya loved all the fresh produce stalls and pointed to each one and stated what it was. She also got lots of samples of sweet apples and bagged a couple of free peaches that people gave her - just for being her cute self! (People are always giving this kid free stuff!)

We got lots of fresh produce for the week and I also got some lovely gourmet items like loose leaf teas (Apple Pie die for!), and white truffle potato chips (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G)!

It was such a fun and educational activity to do together, especially for children - to show where their food comes from, to teach them what fruits/vegetables are in season, to get them excited about food and the things we will make with it. Not to mention, meeting the farmers face to face gives you a sense of community and trust.

 I've penciled it in to my calendar so I can take her more often!



  1. I love farmer's markets. Here, they have small local markets which I like and my weekend feels incomplete if I do not go to the market. Nothing in the range of US though :(

    1. It is becoming a weekend event for me! I just love taking my daughter! Last weekend she got a free apple, and today she got a free carrot :) The farmers are so nice and wonderful.

  2. What a great market:-) A great place to go and explore - looks like you had a great time dear! And Maya is soooo beautiful. Love the pictures:-)


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