Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Your husband is your God" and other sexist notes

There is something about having a daughter that enrages the feminist in me. Becoming a mother to a young girl has illuminated to me a lot of sexist things that are suddenly not-so-subtle anymore - both in my culture, and husband-ji's culture. These mindsets really bother me!

For example...

"Your husband is your God" but the wife is not the Goddess.

The husband can complain about the wife; but when the wife complains about the husband, she is a "nag" or "a complainer".

After children, the man is supposed to work; but if the woman works, she is seen as "a bad mother and wife" or "too ambitious".

Men can roam freely with no limitations, yet when women think of themselves even once in a blue moon, they are deemed selfish.

Women are to be silenced and controlled.

Women are taught that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach".

Woman boss = bitch. Man boss = powerful.

Women wear up to sixteen symbols of marriage; men wear next to none.

Women's faithfulness and devotion to their families are consistently and constantly questioned, yet a man's are not.

Women work tirelessly inside and outside the home; men come home to relax and unwind.

You can swear at a woman and call her a "bitch"; but when you swear at a man, it is reason for divorce a la "talaq talaq talaq".

If something bad happens in a family (death, financial crisis, problem with a child), the woman is to blame and the man is faultless.

A young woman having to choose between getting an education and getting married, because both cost as much.


Just some things that bother me. That is all!



  1. Alexandra, Haven't read your post as yet, but thought that this would be of interest to you. Such a brave lady!!

  2. Double standards like these are annoying and I cannot get why people still follow them.

    1. Who knows? A comfort zone that comforts nobody...


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