Friday, October 17, 2014

Finished Vishnu Tattoo sleeve

Husband-ji recently had his second sitting with his tattoo artist to finish his left arm sleeve of Vishnu. 

Usually with large tattoo sleeves, you have to get it done in two sittings. The first sitting was 6 hours long, and husband-ji was in so much pain. The second sitting took another 6 hours, but it wasn't so painful for him because his pain tolerance was increased. Now it is finished (for the time being...) and it really looks fantastic. It is so detailed and intricate.

I took Maya to see him getting it done and she was absolutely fascinated. She was peering through this little window like a Peeping Tom!

Husband-ji can't wait to show it off on our next upcoming trip to India!



  1. I was curious if there are taboos and/or acceptance around tattoos in India, realizing that the country is insanely diverse. ! I see your mil had some opinions but still wondered.


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