Monday, November 24, 2014

Recipe: Spicy Masala Chai

My day isn't complete without a nice spicy cup of Masala Chai in the afternoon. I literally look forward to it ALL day! This type of Masala Chai is only served in the Northern Indian region. The Southern Indian Chai is typically simpler. I like to make this with whole milk to give it more of a rich taste, but it can also be done with half milk, half water. In Ayurvedic studies, drinking a daily cup of Masala Chai has many known health benefits. It helps fight fatigue, boosts metabolism, and is good for digestion. In fact, it is said that many Olympic athletes have a cup after a grueling training session (Quick...somebody open a chai stall at the next Olympics!)

Madh Mama's Spicy Masala Chai

(Serves 1)


- 1.5 cups of whole milk
- 1.5 tbsp loose Indian tea powder (I like Taj Mahal brand)
- 2 cardamom (crushed)
- 2 peppercorn (crushed)
- 1 inch ginger (crushed)
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 2 cloves
- sugar to taste (usually 1 tsp/person)


- small pot
- mortar & pestle
- tea strainer


Measure out the milk in the mugs that you will use.

Turn the heat on high in the pan and pour in the milk.

Crush the cardamom, peppercorns, and ginger in a mortar & pestle.

Add ALL the ingredients & crushed spices to the milk.

Watch the milk boil and brown until the milk turns a medium beige color.

Strain the tea into your cup....and voila!



  1. I love Masala Chai :)

  2. If you can find it in Canada 'Sai Kripa Golden Tea' is a super yummy Nepali loose leaf tea.
    I swear it tastes like it has pumpkin pie spices already in it!
    (Yes, it is named after the sage & guru "Sai Krupa" & has a painting of him sitting astride a tiger on the front of the handy reusable bag it comes in.)
    I'm enjoying my 4 o'clock culpa now!

    1. Oooooooh yummy! I will try to find it the next time I go to my desi superstore :)

  3. I so love masala chai but it wreaks havoc with my stomach lining. Tea makes me double over with intense nausea :(

  4. My boyfriend is from Rajasthan and taught me how to make this type of tea. I used to be a hardcore coffee drinker but rarely touch the stuff now! I'm all about the chai!

    1. I am a huge chai-a-holic too! I make it for my friends when I come over and they are totes hooked ;)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) I am madly in love with chai tea. I am dying to try the recipe.


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