Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our last-minute Christmas

Last week, I was totally freaked out because we just returned from a huge trip to India only 10 days before Christmas, only to get seriously sick with the most epic flu....with hardly any Christmas prep done. I was even considering celebrating Christmas on Indian Standard Time!

Luckily, my prayers were answered....about two days before Christmas, my antibiotics finally kicked in and I did some last minute Christmas preparations - using my excellent multitasking mom skills like an absolute pro! And guess what? It turned out perfectly. This year, Christmas was simple - but it was enough. And it made me think that (minus the last minute late-lathi stress) I could do it like this every year. You see, the more time you think about Christmas...the more you tend to go overboard. 

In the days before Christmas, we set up our tree - which looked gorgeous. Maya loved helping us hang the decorations, and she was like an air traffic controller telling us where to hang the ornaments. She also added her unique touches around the house, by adding her stuffed animals to the display.

And we also made it to the mall to take Maya's annual picture with Santa on Christmas Eve. Of course, we had to wait in line for nearly an hour, but it was worth it. I made husband-ji wait in line for us while we shopped around and got a secret gift for him. When it came time to take the picture, I was surprised that Maya didn't cry at all like last year. She is such a big girl now.....and Santa thought she was about 5 years old because of her height!

On Christmas Day, I invited my parents over to our house to see Maya open her toys. Maya's favorite toy this year was her little wooden train set, which she played with nearly all day. Both my parents were down with the flu, so they didn't feel like eating anything. My mother wanted to do Christmas dinner but she was too sick, so we shifted the venue to my aunt's house. Knowing that husband-ji would only be getting boiled vegetables for dinner at my aunt's place, I decided to cook him a big Indian style Christmas brunch. I made Roti, Garlic Dal, Punjabi Beetroot, and Aloo Masala Capsicum.

In the evening, I wore one of my new Salwar Kameez that I got made in India. Everyone loved my new dress.

We went to my aunt's house and had Christmas dinner with my dad's side of the family. It was great to see my younger cousins as well, who have really grown up...

Of course, Christmas is bittersweet for us, since it always brings back memories of my grandparents who are no longer with us. Christmas Day was my grandmother's birthday. Our family used to be so close but since my grandparents died, we have all gone our separate ways as we live completely different lives. But getting together on big holidays like Christmas brings us all back together and reminds us of the family gatherings at my grandmother's house when we were all growing up.

Another thing I also missed was this is the first Christmas that my inlaws did not spend with us. My MIL is in India, and my FIL is going there soon to do thatha's 1 year death anniversary ceremony, so it was not possible for them to come here this year.

After spending a month in India with my husband's family, it was really wonderful to come back and spend Christmas with my family. This past month was really the best of both worlds!


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Dear readers, how did you spend Christmas this year?



  1. Wow. I love your outfit! And the necklace too. It was really nice that you recovered soon to celebrate. The tree looks so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! The necklace I got in the Bangalore airport! I couldn't wait to wear it :)

  2. Alex, Husband-Ji,

    You guys are amazing! Just getting home and being sick on top of everything. Love princess Maya, she is so cute with Santa and pictures with Mom and Dad. Alex, love your new Salwar Kameez,, color on you is very pretty. You were able to pull together a great Christmas celebration.

    Happy New Year !


    1. Thanks so much. I was so relieved it all came together! Turned out perfect. All the best for the New Year Melissa :)

  3. Ishita has one of these wooden train track sets and she loves it, the good old classic toys always rule.
    I completely agree about the tendency to go overboard with Christmas when given too much time to think about it. This year I decided that I don't have to back something for the Christmas breakfast we do, I headed to Krispy Kreme and bought holiday doughnuts instead, that way I was far more relaxed the rest of the day and for our Christmas dinner with guests :-)

    1. They are just the best and I've heard they last forever! I'm glad I didn't go overboard this year and just simplified it. OMG I just got the biggest Krispy Kreme craving!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy to hear you are better! That Salwar Kameez looks great and is so perfect for Christmas.

  5. Glad you had a great Xmas. See, maybe we don't need to work ourselves up after all ;) We had Xmas eve dinner and yummy chocolate cake and spent the entire day at home doing nothing!

    1. YUMMMMM what a perfect day!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  6. Sounds like a lovely Christmas - can't beat the mum multitasking skills ! (Padparadscha)


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