Friday, January 9, 2015

Best Blog for 2014

A few months ago, I was nominated again for Nepali Australian's annual blog awards. Last year, I was nominated in one category, which was Best Personal Blog, which I won. This year, I was so happy to be nominated again, but in THREE categories! This year I was nominated for Best Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Blog Post of the year for my post "The secret foreign girlfriend/boyfriend". And I won again for Best Blog of 2014!!!

This award is a big deal because it is 100% reader nominated. Last year, I announced the nominations and I asked all my readers to vote for me. This year I forgot to announce my nominations so I really didn't think I would win. I was absolutely shocked and thrilled to have won especially considering my heavy competition.

I work on my blog so much behind the scenes that it is nice to be appreciated. It really is a labour of love, which not many people understand. My FIL always asks me why I even do it if I'm not doing it for money. And quite frankly, I do it to not feel so alone in this world. To be part of a growing multicultural community with diverse tastes, many of whom are only connected by the internet. To share stories that hopefully somebody out there can relate to, or say "me too". I try to help others, I schedule posts so that I have a wide variety of content, and am constantly thinking about new topics to which I hope can convey my passion for life. I make time to write because I need to write like I need to breathe...

Without my loyal readers, I would just be a random blog floating out in the internet. The meaningful interaction with all my devoted readers has been so amazing and full of depth. Dear readers, it's because of your word of mouth that I've been given so many thank you! Thank you for coming on this amazing journey with me.

Here's to another great year ahead of blogging, writing, reflecting, and creating our safe multicultural community!



  1. You deserve it Alexandra! You are a good writer and you taught me so much about India and being in an intercultural relationship. The days when the pressure and opposition on us get too heavy I think of you and your family. Keep it up!

  2. You deserved the award. I am so happy that you won! Keep blogging and thank you for sharing your life and beautiful family with everyone!

    1. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Absolutely gave me that extra oomph to type away :)


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