Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our relaxation vacation to Bangalore

While we were in Hyderabad, we had to make a quick trip to Bangalore so that husband-ji could do some business there. Sometimes seeing relatives all day/every day for weeks on end makes one feel a bit bonkers. You know those people who say, "I need a vacation from my vacation!" Well, they were surely talking about India!

Going to Bangalore and with husband-ji being out doing his business, it was the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax from our constant cluster-f*ck in Hyderabad. My main goal in Bangalore was to relax, do nothing, use the hotel pool, use the hotel spa, eat (of course) and sleep. We did end up seeing a few relatives but mostly we just relaxed. Maya got to meet one of her great-grandmas in Bangalore too (see pic below).

I also asked my MIL to come with us so that she could spend more one-on-one time with Maya and so that she could relax as well.

We stayed in the Taj West End hotel and it was absolutely breath-taking - Heaven on Earth. It is like an oasis located in the middle of the city - like some secret rainforest. As soon as you step into the grounds, there is greenery everywhere and you can't even hear the traffic outside.

They had the most beautiful grounds and wide open lawns that it was perfect for Maya to run around on. And they had geese too - which Maya loved to chase and have conversations with, that included a lot of quacking!

They also had a beautiful private Shiva temple, which was on the grounds before the hotel was even built. I walked to visit it twice daily and on one of my prayers I saw a vision of the Shiva idol rising - turning into a large gold snake right in front of me. I don't know what that means but I hope it is something auspicious. It was really incredible.

All the butlers on our floor were Tamilian so of course they gave us special treatment daily, by leaving flower petal rangoli's in our room and making hand-embroidered pillows for us.

During our stay, I also went to the Spa at the hotel where they gave me a jug of milk with fresh rose petals and asked me to bathe with it. PURE LUXURY! I felt like a total Maharani and returned back to Hyderabad feeling so relaxed that I swear I looked 10 years younger!

I was in such a state of relaxation that I could hardly be bothered to leave!



  1. Oh how I miss Bangalore...and India in general. Thank You for these posts. Warms my heart.

    1. Bangalore was lovely.....really world-class city!

  2. Alex,

    Wow, what a beautiful hotel In Bangalore, the grounds were gorgeous. Loved the video of Maya chasing the geese. Glad you had some down time to relax with hubby and Sandhya. Great pictures and story as always. I thought the rangoli staff made with flowers was beautiful, very colorful! Nice touch.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Melissa! It was a beautiful relaxing time...that hotel is like a spa!!! I highly recommend it...

  3. Bangalore truly can be a relaxing holiday. I also love the weather...

    1. Yes, the weather was wonderful! Best weather in India :)


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