Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maya, the animal doctor

Maya recently announced that she wants to be "an animal doctor" when she grows up...

It's no secret that Maya loves animals. I think this is because she has a naturally nurturing personality, and because of our beloved dog Ziggy. Maya has always been crazy about Ziggy, who was 2 when she was born. He has always been so protective of her and often guards her gently or plays with her. Now that Maya is at an age where she is so interactive, she loves to help take care of Ziggy. She likes to feed him treats, fill his food bowl up, brush his hair, and hold the leash when we walk him. Sometimes if we haven't walked him for a while, Maya says to me, "MOMMY, Ziggy needs a walk to go pee pee" if they have some secret language!

One of the things I love to do is take Maya everywhere with me so that she can have new experiences. So, when Ziggy's annual vaccination appointment was coming up, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take her. We took Ziggy to the vet and they weighed him, took his temperature, did a physical check-up, and gave him some shots. Maya was absolutely enthralled by this process, and the vet let her listen to his heartbeat.

Ever since then, she has been obsessed! Every day she sets up all her stuffed animals in a big line and then uses her pretend-stethoscope and checks their heartbeat, and gives them a pretend shot with a pen. She will give her professional diagnosis by saying, "Froggy, you are fine" or "Puppy, you have a cough". It is literally the cutest thing to watch!

Of course, I had to phone dear MIL and tell her what cute things her granddaughter is doing, and I knew she would be especially pleased with this one. My MIL always dreamed of being a doctor but her father refused to invest in her education, basically because she was born a girl. Instead she won scholarships and went on to become a Biology professor, but she still had dreams of a doctor. Naturally, she wanted her two kids to be doctors as well. Unfortunately, husband-ji went into the arts and his sister went into IT. So when I phoned her and said Maya announced she wanted to become "an animal doctor" and MIL squealed with joy. I said, "Relax, Sandhya, it's not like a proper doctor, it is just a veterinarian!" She replied excitedly, "ANY doctor is fine!!! A doctor is a doctor!!! You should encourage this! I always wanted a doctor in the family!"

I'm sure Maya will be interested in a lot of things in her life, but it sure made MIL happy that the first profession Maya ever said was "an animal doctor"!



  1. Alex,

    What cute pictures of Maya with Ziggy! Glad to know she wants to be a veterinarian, great profession and will make a lot of money. These pictures bring back memories for me playing with my dog growing up. I would tie ribbons on his ears and tail.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Melissa! I think I will take her to all of the vet appointments, since she loved it so much! :)
      How sweet about the ribbon and the tail...I can just picture adorable!

  2. Awesome such a empathetic kid
    God bless her and you for inculcating such values


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