Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Valentine's Day (2015)

We had a really quiet and sweet Valentine's Day this year. The only difference between last year and this year was that Maya is in school now. I vaguely remember celebrating Valentine's Day when I was a child so I kind of forgot that she would be celebrating it too.

In North America, kids celebrate Valentine's Day by designing cards for each other and giving each other candies and cookies - quite like every other holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc). The one difference is that Valentine's Day is heart/love themed. It is a really cute celebration. For adults, it is a romantic celebration where couples get each other cards, little gifts, candies, and share a nice dinner together. It is really quite an innocent festival that celebrates thoughtful gestures to each other.

*Ahem*....meanwhile in India.....

It is kind of hilarious when I see on my Indian news channels all the protests against Valentine's Day. I was seeing reports that a few right-wing groups were SO angered by this innocent celebration that they threatened to catch unwed couples on February 14th and forcibly marry them. I mean, come on, people. Really?!?! Way to take a simple little festival and blow it out of proportion to the absolute extreme. SIGH. With that mindset then Maya would have been a child bride...!!! Of course, it was all baseless threats, just to scare the crap out of young lovers and remind them of their "moral duties" (or what ever that means!)

ANYWAYS, back to our celebrations....

Maya came out of school on Friday and she was thrilled to show me all the Valentine's Day cards all her classmates gave her. She also got two Hershey's kisses and 3 heart shaped cookies. Most of the cards were pretty generic, except one of them stood out. It was from a little boy named Aaron, who apparently is one of Maya's many friends. It seems Aaron has a little crush on Maya...ha ha! We all had a big laugh about it. (But secretly I am going to be checking out this boy at next week's parent event and make sure he is from a suitable family...j/k) Now Maya is absolutely obsessed with Valentine's Day and she made sure to hand out all her cards to her stuffed animals. I don't know what I will do if one of those cards goes missing! She will have a big fit! She wants to take her cards everywhere she goes, even to the bathroom!

I told husband-ji not to get me anything for Valentine's Day, since he has really pampered me too much this year (while I have been a lazy bum). For our anniversary, I only got him a card and that was it! So I told him to take a break - and to let me pamper him for a change...

I got him a nice gift basket of his favorite chocolates (in a heart shaped box), a new cologne, shower gel, a leather bracelet with studded silver (for his swagger!), and a new pair of undies (just to embarrass him). Even though I told him not to, he got me some pampering bath products - from the exact same store that I picked up his gifts - on the SAME day! We literally only missed each other by half an hour - how crazy is that? (Clearly, great minds think alike...!)

In the evening, I made Pudina Rice and we had to get on Skype with family for thatha's Devasam (1 year death ceremony). It was fun seeing all of his cousins who are all abroad - nowadays nearly everyone is all spread out over the globe. I wanted husband-ji to show his new bracelet to my MIL but he thought she would be offended because they had just done a pooja. I was confused. He was like, "Um, duh! We worship cows, and you have given me a dead cow to wear!" Then I felt embarrassed - yet another cultural faux-pas I did - after 9 years - still!!! OOPS. He noticed my sad face and then said, "I DO love it, but I can't show Amma just after she has just done pooja. I will show her next time, don't worry." 

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Dear readers, how did you celebrate Valentine's Day?



  1. We woke up at noon, watched an hour of tv, had some Ferrero Rocher, then ate "lunch" (at what, 4?) and went off to work our respective jobs :(

    1. You get to go to work at 4pm?!!?!! I envy you.

  2. Valentine's day is the same day when my hubby proposed me 11 years back
    Beside we were getting to celebrate it together after 11years :)
    I dressed up and we went to kala ghoda festival
    Had fab lunch and we got gifts for each other
    Ended the day with some good music and dinner
    Tomorrow is our first anniversary so Feb month is really special for us

    You are completely transforming into a indian parent :) coz u want to know about the guy's family
    Maya is really cute ; showing her dad her Valentine's gifts
    Loads of love to her

  3. She is such a cutie!


  4. Why is the person on skype screen #2 not wearing a shirt?!?!! :)
    I've never been able to get more than 1 person on skype. More than two people and each party loses all video feed from other parties!

    1. That is my FIL....they are doing pooja for Devasam. Haha!
      We kept losing connections also....but there was a good 30 mins when everyone came on. We were so happy!

  5. Alex,,

    Maya is such a cutie! I just loved Valentines Day at my grade school with the shoe box all decorated with white paper and hearts glued on the side and top. Those cards were so neat! So glad you got pampered with your favorite bath products! I like husband-Ji's new leather bracelet! Very nice.


    1. Awwwwww nice! As you can see from my blog, I am just a sucker for heart - anything! Ha ha!

  6. @Maya

    The card is very cute but don't you think that putting an adult concept like Valentine Day into the minds of small children is inappropriate. Sharing and social interaction between children in school is most welcome for all round development of the child but Valentine's Day, I don't know. I do not wish to offend you but I guess I am a little conservative.

    1. It's ok, I don't really think of it as adult per se, it is more of just an affectionate holiday. She is free to show affection and appreciation to the people she cares about, whether it is us or a friend. It is a really innocent celebration.

    2. That depends which country you are celebrating Valentines into, India and Switzerland see it as a an adult, couple only day. But in the US and Canada from what I came to know from my friends it is a far broader definition of Love that is celebrated: family love, friendship a sense I much prefer that big more universal Love than the couple only can love business it is associated with in some parts of Europe. Scandinavian countries apparently call Valentines Friendship day as well, because any precious bonds you have in your life is celebrated that day.

    3. @cyn - yes exactly....even the way couples here celebrate V-day is very G rated and innocent. It is more about affection as opposed to lust. And here, friends get each other V-day card too, as well as family members like brother/sister, mother/child. It is really platonic.

  7. DH and I do not celebrate the holiday, bu Ishita has been doing crafts in school all these past few years and this year she asked me why she didn't get a cake for Valentines. I took her to Krispy Kreme to enjoy heart shaped doughnuts a few days after V day to make up.

    Growing up in Switzerland Valentines was a thing for couple and couples only, they actually manage to make singleton feel really bad about themselves and I always hated the holiday for that. I still really don't get ip this whole heart and stuffed bear craze. But, having been exposed to American culture, I must say I like the idea of celebrating all your loved ones without just focusing on couples.

    I heard from Scandinavian friends that it is called "Friendship Day" in many Scandinavian countries too. I love that idea as well.

    1. OMG now you are making me crave Krispy Kreme!
      Americans tend to commercialize everything - ha ha! This year Maya's teacher remarked that she couldn't believe that V-day had become so much about candy!
      Here in card sections of stores, they will have V-day cards geared towards everybody - grandma, father, wife, son, etc. It is more of a family celebration - you can choose your valentine. This year my mum gave all of us Valentines and it was really cute :)
      I love that idea of friendship day.

    2. I love the idea of a Valentine's Day that encompass all the precious relationships in our lives rather than decide that love is something that just happen between couples (stupid idea).

      In India there is a friendship day too, but it is in August, they now start selling Friendship bracelets and plastic rings at the same time they start selling rakhis for Rakshabandan.

  8. Aaron says Maya is mine! That was so cute and funny at the same time!

    1. Hahaha I will meet him next week....hubby has met him already and he said he is a white boy :D


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