Monday, March 23, 2015

A joint-family mini-reunion in Seattle

Recently, we had to attend the joyful occasion of husband-ji's cousin-brother's Griha Pravesh (housewarming) in Seattle. Since the housewarming celebration was in the middle of the week, we decided to take a week off of work so we could maximize our quality family time together.

The best thing about the Griha Pravesh was not the ceremony itself, but the fact that our entire Tamil side of relatives came from near and far to attend the event. ALL of the Tamil NRI's from North America in one room! It was really incredible. Husband-ji got to see a relative that he hadn't seen in nearly twenty years, and I got to see some of the cousins I hadn't seen since our wedding. Everyone is very spread out geographically, so it was really joyful to unite everyone in one place.

My real reason for attending the event was ALL about the kids. I wanted Maya to have some quality bonding time with her little cousins, especially since they are close in age.

Husband-ji often reminisces growing up with his cousins, living in a joint family, having family dinners in Sanikpuri every Sunday, and renting a car stuffed with relatives and traveling together. As much as possible, I wanted to re-create those memories for both him and Maya.

After the ceremony was over, we stayed for about 5 extra days and Maya got to play with her cousins. We did lots of fun outings and took them to play areas all over town, and bought them lots of toys and doughnuts. During mealtimes, the kids would sit together in a row and I would feed them by hand - just like my MIL does

Overall, we had a really wonderful time together and it brought me so much joy to see the kids play together so well and all the funny things they did! They had such a nice time that they didn't want to say goodbye! Hopefully we can plan another one for later this year...

(Aditya: "Maya, don't go!")



  1. It's always so beautiful when you can come together after a long time!
    I was thinking about the first picture in the post: is it just a coincidence that all of you are wearing bright read / purple? Or has it some auspicious meaning?
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    1. Interesting post ( as always)
      I am also curious abour the sarees ;)

    2. It was a total coincidence! But the lady of the house is wearing red because that is auspicious. I just wore the fanciest suit I had!

  2. Alexandra, it is awesome that you put so much time, effort, and planning in to all of this. Maya is a lucky child :-).


    1. Thanks Raina! It was really great, she had so much fun with her cousins :)

  3. Alex,

    Just love this Griha Pravesh celebration, thanks for sharing with us. This was a lovely gathering with all the cousins! Just love everyone in these pictures. The kids had a great time together and it was good you took extra time off to spend with everyone. Good to see your smiling faces!


    1. Thanks was so great! I'm glad we stayed the extra days....lot of fun together!

  4. Alexandra: Your daughter, when she is older, is going to thank you for making such a great effort to enrich her life with her two cultures.
    I have noticed that most women are so well dressed in Indian traditional outfits for these occasions; however, quite often the men seem to be in casual clothes at the same event.
    What do you think is the reason for this apparent preference of desi men for jeans/t-shirts. Do women show up, at times, for Indian events in their regular clothes?

    1. I hope so...for me it was fun just watching her! We will always have those memories...great that they live on the same coast as well.
      My hubby is probably the fanciest dresser but he still has a fancy-casual style. Generally most Indian men that I've seen dress like absolute slobs, except for their wedding day. You can imagine my hubby and his fashion police comments when he sees how they dress....LOL

  5. alexandra, you rock all the indian outfits!!


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