Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cooking with my daughter

As many of my readers know, I like to do a variety of different activities with my daughter as I want to expose her to a diverse world. We go for walks in the forest, beach, travel, library, grocery shopping together, painting and drawing, taking care of Ziggy, swimming, dance....

My latest favorite thing to do with my daughter is baking. This is a more sentimental activity for me, as some of my earliest memories were baking chocolate chip cookies with my grandmother. 

At 2 years & 10 months, she's at the perfect age to start helping me with my baking projects in the kitchen. She measures out the flour and sugar, dumps it in the bowl, and combines the textures by mixing them. An added bonus is licking the spoon! Then, we lay out the cookies in asymmetrical patterns and it only takes 8 minutes to bake them. Even though I don't let her touch the hot pan, she loves to wear oven mitts!

The funny thing is, Maya doesn't even like cookies that much! But when she helps make them, she wants to eat them all! She feels a sense of pride and accomplishment, in making something from scratch and then being able to eat them. She also loves to watch me eat her cookies, just like my MIL relishes everyone eating her home cooked food! Just like grandma, her idol!

I think of cooking as another way to artistically express yourself. Just like drawing, or dancing, it's about creating something. And even better if you get to eat it all up!!!

Since I started baking with her, my mum has also started to teach Maya how to prepare salads by tearing up the leaves and decorating the dish with onions and cucumbers (which she usually gobbles up along the way...)

She also loves to wash off vegetables in the sink!

Cooking with kids is also a great way to give them some responsibility and teach them that dinner doesn't magically appear from the sky. Not only that, but it helps her practice counting, by measuring things out, and a sense of time as we set the baking timer (hello patience!!)

It also helps us have some bonding time, as we are partaking in the same activity side by side, as equal partners. Instead of her playing with something and me puttering around doing something else. I also noticed that it has improved her concentration - an added bonus!

Before I started cooking with my daughter, I was a bit scared that it would turn in to a messy affair - that's why I didn't do it for so long. But Maya has a great respect for food, and was very careful with her measurements - only a little dribble here and there, with no big messes. She really has been helping me out, and I appreciate that!

The cookies and salad came out great that I'm going to try some more recipes with her!


Dear readers, do you cook with your kids? As a child, did you do cooking with your parents/elders?



  1. Aww!! Such lovely pictures! I love this idea Alexandra, it will be fun to get my little one involved in the kitchen as well :)

  2. Alex,

    Great post! love seeing Maya in the kitchen with her Grandma! How delightful, she sure is growing up, good that you are teaching her how to bake. She is so sweet!!


  3. Your husband must be so proud of her too!

  4. Very sweet post, Maya looks so focused and coordinated while baking/cooking; she may love making/rolling rotis/pizzas which require more hands on work.

  5. Aww Maya is so adorable!! I agree with you on cooking as a form of creativity. I mean food is a form of art :-)

  6. That is so adorable :)

  7. Maya is super adorable !

    Hugs and kisses!

  8. ooo wooow so cute post Alex... yes ..i cook with my 4 year old baby ;) ..recently we have made pan cake ..and he was mixing material like maya ... fist i asked him .." kya kya dalenge pan cake banae ke liye " he told : oil sugar water n cook them al together ... i love cooking with my boy ..

  9. Cooking with your daughter is a wonderful thing to do. Kids love to help and get a sense of accomplishment when they help make something. I started baking cookies with my boys when they were young and now they pester me to let them cook.

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