Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring break in Tofino

To celebrate husband-ji's citizenship, and to do a quick getaway as Maya was off for Spring Break holiday, we decided to do a road trip up to Tofino, BC. I have always wanted to take husband-ji there but we never got around to it. It has been about 15 years since I last visited there.

From Vancouver, you have to take a 1 hour ferry to Nanaimo, and then drive north through the wilderness for 3.5 hours. It is so deep in the forest, that there is hardly any rest stops. Several times, we had to get out of the car and get Maya to pee on a tree, "just like Ziggy" she said!

Maya was very excited to go on the ferry, or "the boat ride" as she called it. The ferry was so large that she had lots of space to run around on the decks. It was very windy, so she would pretend that the wind was "catching" her. There was a nice children's play area on the ferry, as well as a cafeteria which served french fries in a pirate ship boat - it was all very exciting for her.

The drive was a bit tough, with all the windy roads. Several times I felt like I would be car sick. The natural landscape was so beautiful that we stopped several times to take photographs.

We arrived in Tofino and stayed at the cozy Wickaninnish Inn, which is supposed to be one of the best hotels in the entire world. We had an excellent view of the beach, and the crashing waves which people surfed on every day.

We had such a relaxing time. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by nature. Every day, we would get up and walk down the beach and collect sea shells. Then we would come back and read & relax by the fireplace in our room. Then we would go out for a walk in the forest on a trail. We did that for 4 days... and it was better than going to a spa!

I would really like to bring my inlaws next time and rent a cabin by the beach...



  1. Alex,

    Such a lovely post! Glad all of you had an opportunity to get away and enjoy the scenery. Such great photos of Maya on the giant tree and her standing on the beach, so delightful to see her. Your Mother in Law would love that spot!


  2. Your stay at the inn sounds so peaceful! I am not a nature person at all but after reading your description I just might be ready to rent a room at one of the lodges in Yosemite National Park which is very close to where we stay :-).


  3. Such a lovely post. You made my day!
    Maya looks so pretty! I lovvvvved her photo in which she is looking at sky high trees (second last)
    You inspired me to plan a family vacation. (poor dear husband :) )

  4. good family time really help us to rejuvenate and start with a new vigour in our life.
    may god keep u and your family happy and healthy all the time.

  5. Its a great idea to take your family to such a beautiful area - esp. to one that you enjoyed on your own before. Maya will always love nature thanks to you taking her to parks and forests. She looks so happy amongst the trees, the lake and on the boat ride too.


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