Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why do people think being pregnant is "gross"?

The other day, I got a chance to watch a local newscast here in Vancouver, where they did a special segment that was quite shocking. Apparently, the meteorologist was receiving a lot of hate mail because she is pregnant on air.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!? How ridiculous!

In the newscast they addressed the hate mail on air and they had a good time poking fun about it. Later on, the meteorologist said, "I am definitely not [covering up or taking time off work]. I love my job and I’m going to keep doing it as long as I can—and I’m not spending any more money on maternity clothes … especially muumuus."

I mean, really - what are women supposed to do? Hide inside the house, for godsakes?!?! Some people actually have to/want to work, you know!!! Plus, pregnancy is a totally natural part of life, not to mention - miraculous. If anything, it should be celebrated. Just another example of random people taking it upon themselves to police women's lives.

The thing is, most of the hate mail was about body-shaming. Well, guess what - women's bodies change!!! Especially when they are pregnant!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

I noticed during my own pregnancy that everyone has an opinion about your body. If you're not big enough, people will question the health of your baby. If you're showing too much, people will warn you not to gain more weight. If you're feeling sick, people will force you to eat. If you eat a doughnut, people will reprimand you. You basically can't do anything without getting critiqued! It's a lose-lose situation! As if we women simply don't know what's best for us and our baby....

When I was about 8 months pregnant with Maya, I went to a local take-out place to pick up lunch for myself. The man who was standing in front of me looked me up and down, and said to my belly: "gross". Maybe it was the same troll! Ha!

With my pregnancy hormones, I left the place in tears and sobbed over my falafel. But then I thought, who is he to tell me that I am gross? I am growing a human life inside me, what the hell is he doing? This simple, stupid man couldn't even fathom what it takes to produce a human life!!!

I am glad that they featured this segment because it just goes to show the rude things people will say to public figures - women especially. I know I've certainly got a thick "troll" file folder! Haters gon' hate!!!


Dear readers, can you recall any instances of body shaming? What about body shaming while pregnant? Do you think women public figures get policed more than men?



  1. This is very strange, I thought the female pregnant for was celebrated the world over especially in the west with people coming and patting your belly and talking to it..:-)
    I have a feeling that with the break up of big families and more people staying aloof from family members, it is creating some kind of a chasm propelled by what they perceive to be the 'real' world on the internet and tv.,.
    I wd be shocked if it happened to me while I was pregnant. You have nerves of steel!

  2. Alexandra, that story about the falafel guy is TERRIBLE. *HE* sounds gross.

  3. Thank you for sharing this story. My husband and I have been married for one year now and we do not have any children yet, but I feel terrible for pregnant moms that have to deal with that type of harassment and mean spirited comments.

  4. I am appalled at this. Being anonymous does not mean that there is a real person at the other end of the line. What, people expect women to be flat when they are pregnant?

    Loose tops are professional? So, being pregnant is inherently unprofessional? I am irritated by "this is unprofessional" comments for women and most of them come from women! "Not wearing make up is unprofessional", "not wearing high heels is unprofessional". Well, men's naked skin is professional but womens' is not. What the hell!

    People who have issues with pregnant women (unless the pregnant woman is bothering you in anyway) have huge issues accepting biology and human bodies.

  5. That was strange. Every time I see a pregnant woman it kinda makes me happy. I infact worry that they might not like me looking at them for long.

    where do these people come from? they want kids but can't tolerate pregnancy?

  6. I live in Hong Kong where the body type of the local (Chinese) women is different from my (indian) body type. Chinese women tend to gain very little weight during pregnancy and 'show' only during the third trimester. I, on the other hand, nearly doubled in weight and looked like I was ready to pop in the second trimester. Weirdly, I came under a lot of pressure to control my weight and eat less from the government medical centres. It put me under a lot of stress because I could only keep down a certain kind of food (bread) and was terribly hungry all.the.time. Finally, my husband told me to forget them and do what I wanted. But I always wondered if I was putting my child under risk by, well, eating. Turned out it was fine and later i realised this happens to a lot of Western women who also tend to gain weight in the public health system.

  7. What is going on? If women are too thin then it is a problem. If women are overweight it is a problem. Now if women are pregnant that is a problem too? This is ridiculous. Here in the United States there is this whole craze regarding how quickly a woman gets back in to shape after giving birth to a child. Childbirth and the first year after having a baby were VERY stressful to me. I had people giving me all kinds of crap advice, not to mention the judgement (OH MY GOD, you are feeding your baby formula?! YOU evil sinner, you are going to burn in hell (no one told me that but that is pretty much what they were implying with their tone)). You know who really helped me through this? My male ob-gyn who told me "if you are happy, the baby is happy" and my husband. I think it is very sad that the female nurses were so judgmental of me, another woman, and it took a man to really understand what I was going through. Gah- it makes me so mad.


  8. By that logic penises are unprofessional since they make babies- they shouldn't be allowed in the work place. Being pregnant isn't beautiful physically, I mean I was tired, bloated, smelly, hairy and crazy. But it IS beautiful in the fact that you are making another human being and that you can survive all of these really huge changes and bring that child into the world. She looked amazing- screw the haters.


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