Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Belated birthday weekend

Husband-ji's birthday was last weekend and I felt so awful that I wasn't well enough to celebrate it...but luckily by the time the weekend rolled around, I was feeling so much better!

For husband-ji's birthday this year, I wanted to get him something very special. Last year I cooked for him, which was a big hassle. The year before that I think I got him some random gift. This year, I wanted to give him a meaningful gift that would last forever. I got him the most amazing present.....a teak wooden mandir and Saraswati idol imported from Calcutta, circa the 1940s. On the inside of the mandir, there is a faded depiction of Ganesh and Lakshmi. It is fully loaded with positive energy!!!

Since I gave it to him, we have placed it in the North East corner of our flat, and every morning we light incense in front of it. It brings such a fantastic energy to the house, which I am welcoming with open arms after such a tough few months. Husband-ji was just in awe of it, and it meant so very much to him.

We also planned a really nice birthday dinner for him and celebrated it with close friends and family, at his new favorite dosa spot. My friend Frances of Darcy's Cafe made the most delicious layered eggless chocolate cake that all the kids went crazy over.

I also let him pick out my outfit for his birthday dinner, and he chose one of my brand new cream/turquoise embroidered Salwar Kameez that I got on our last trip to India. I felt so fabulous and glam!!!

The day after, our Tamil cousins dropped in for the weekend from Seattle, to spend time with us. Maya was absolutely thrilled to play with her favorite cousin, and we had so much fun staying all together like a fun joint-family sleepover

Overall, it was a weekend of togetherness, which we simply loved....I really needed this past weekend's celebrations - it made me feel so good again!



  1. You look like you have lost a lot of weight....and you do look abs lovely! Such a thoughtful gift, wat a lucky guy:-)

  2. That was lovely. I always find giving gifts stressful ha ha

  3. Alex,

    What a lovely new outfit on you! Love the color, you look lovely. Glad you are feeling better and such a nice gift that you got for husband-ji. Happy Birthday to him great pictures of you both. Nice to have cousins come and visit and Maya looked like she was having a good time with everyone.


  4. Huh so husbandji is a Taurus? Interesting - you also look like you have some Taurus energy in you as seem like a pretty stable personality, and you enjoy cooking, etc. Just taking note ;)

  5. @Alexadnra

    You look lovely in salwar kameez. Many happy returns of the day to your husband. God Bless.


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