Monday, May 4, 2015

Maya's reading nook

Recently, as I was shifting things around in Maya's room, I decided to make a cute little reading nook for her since she is such a book lover!

Reading has been a huge part of our life and I love to read to my daughter as a bonding exercise. Also, I have noticed that reading together has increased her vocabulary. While I am an avid reader, husband-ji is not - in his family, stories were all told by memory. He has a negative association with books as the only books he was forced to read in school in India were boring textbooks. Luckily, he has gotten into the routine of reading to Maya before bed and quite enjoys it!

Every night, we read Maya anywhere from 10-30 books - time permitting. Sometimes during the day, she also wanders into her room and reads the books independently. We have popular children's books, Hindu based stories from India, and I also have all of my grandmother's children's books from the 1950's and are currently on their third generation of use.

My main goal for creating the space was to make it comfortable and cheerful. I used one of her blankets from Masala Baby, paired with her beautiful pink curtains from Anthropologie, and lots of great cushions - some from India, some from my Etsy shop (notice the pink Ganesh & Shesha cushion!). Then I hung a beautiful little painting we got in Jaipur. Overall, it turned into a masala pink explosion!

It is really nice to have a dedicated space for the love of reading books. It is so quiet and comfy....maybe I should make one for myself too!



  1. Lovely decor and vibrant colors. Looks like Maya loves that place.. so adorable.

  2. Such a gorgeous welcoming place with such pretty colors! I bet she loves it!

  3. Alex,

    Love the reading nook you created for Maya it is very colorful and comfortable. This is a great space for her to continue to read her books.


  4. Amazing Alexandra. This is an excellent idea. I'm definitely putting up a lil' nook for my daughter, India , and maybe one for me too. Thanks :)

  5. Love this! We have a reading nook in our apartment here in India. We bought a special carpet and have filled it with comfy pillows, bookshelf, and brass lanterns. It is probably both my own and my husband's favorite spot in the house, and will hopefully be a favorite spot for our little one too. Kudos to you for encouraging reading and for making such a cute and enjoyable space to read :)


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