Friday, May 1, 2015

New ink / Tattooed couple

Last year, husband-ji got his second tattoo sleeve done (of Vishnu) which got me thinking that I should get something done too. You know...because we're just a *bad* influence on each other like that! Ha ha!

(Hers & His)

The only thing that was holding me back was that I take Maya to her weekly swimming classes, and if you get a tattoo, you can't swim for a few weeks while the fresh ink is healing. Since husband-ji is scared of the water/can't/won't ever swim, I am the only one who can take her to her classes. Last month, the swimming classes were paused for Spring Break, so I saw a perfect opportunity to get the tattoo done.

I decided to get an "eye" tattoo. It is actually the symbol for the Greek evil eye, which my Greek godmother absolutely loved. But for me, it means something different. I wanted to have a third eye symbol to remind me to keep my eyes open for inspiration - as an artist I often see things that others do not see. You only have to open your eyes, and inspiration is everywhere...

For me, it is a simple reminder to keep my eyes open: to continually do fresh and innovative work. And if it is a protective amulet, then I'll take that too!

Since I was getting one done, I decided to get another one updated. Next to my "Madhavan" tattoo (in Tamil), I decided to get Maya's name right beside it. A lot of people don't know that I have 5 tattoos!

I can't believe that I waited so long to get these done - the last time was in 2007! There are a few more that I need to get updated. The pain was nothing compared to having a natural childbirth - in fact, I found it oddly relaxing!

My tattoo artist was Jackson Clarke from Australia. I highly recommend him!


Dear readers, do you have tattoos? If so, what do you have?



  1. Hello Alexandra,
    I always read ur blog. You write really well, and I enjoy reading your posts!

    How odd, that I never 'noticed' the tattoos on ur arm... I really need to 'observe' well...:-) Maybe I should get a tattoo similar to ur recent one ;-)


  2. Gorgeous! I have an evil eye ornament hanging in my window...and my tattoo is a secret :P

  3. Alex,

    Love your eye tattoo! Great picture of you and Maya. Happy Spring!

  4. I have no tattoos because I don't want to go through the pain and feel I might change my mind about the tattoo one day.

  5. Your eye tattoo is awesome Alexandra :)


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