Friday, May 29, 2015

Now Featured on: The Almost Indian Wife (recipe post!)

Today I'm very happy to announce my special recipe feature on my friend Brittany's blog, The Almost Indian Wife. You may remember that I featured Brittany & Joel's relationship on my popular weekly series, "My Intercultural Love".

Brittany is doing a new series on Fridays featuring tasty family recipes from around the globe. 

Our family recipe is a classic Andhra fave - "hotel style" drumstick sambhar. Click HERE for my recipe!


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  1. So funny you posted this! I literally just sat down after setting my Urad Dal and rice to soak so that I can make idli tomorrow (which reminds me, I forgot to add fenugreek seeds!). I was thinking "hmm, maybe I look up a different way to make sambar to go with them tomorrow" and here it is! If I make your recipe I'll try to remember to share! =)


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