Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now Featured on: Masalamommas

After being sick for an entire month, there was nothing that could lift up my spirits like a fabulous blog feature on one of my favorite sites!

Masalamommas is a fantastic online magazine that caters to South Asian mums and is a true gem for intercultural couples. They have tons of topics that cover lifestyle, parenting, marriage, recipes - you name it! And, they're based out of Toronto too! Woot woot Canadian pride!

Ever since I started blogging, I have dreamed to be featured on Masalamommas. It is one of the things on my writing career bucket list. Being featured on this site has given me a feeling of "I HAVE ARRIVED!"...ha ha ha! 

Last year, after my brutally honest, #zerofucksgiven post about being an Invisibly Visible Bahu went semi-viral, it somehow made it's way to the editor of Masalamommas, and she contacted me for an interview literally just as I was hopping on a flight to India.

 So I'm very excited to share with you my candid Q&A! I talk about my intercultural marriage, my mother-in-law, culture clashes in parenting, blogging, and much more!

Click HERE to read the article!


  1. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading the article. I had honestly never seen this blog before either, I'm glad you shared it =)

  2. congrats on your article getting into masalamommas. my husband's cousin's wife actually writes for them and serves as an education editor for them. i'm not at all surprised your writing made its way there. :)


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