Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maya's 3rd birthday

Last week we celebrated Maya's 3rd birthday and it was one of the most joyous days we have had as parents. From dawn til dusk, it was just filled with happiness! I was literally bursting at the seams with joy and pride for my little girl.

Maya's birthday was quite never-ending this year, as we celebrated it practically all weekend! (Which is pretty much how we like to do everything - non-stop celebration!) On Friday, she had a celebration at school with her friends and ate cupcakes together. On Saturday, we let her open her big birthday gift from us - which was a scooter! And then on Sunday, we had her big birthday bash, followed by a nice quiet birthday dinner at her favorite spot.

We had her birthday party at Granville Island's Kids Only Market, which was perfect for her age range. They had a big 2 story play area, indoor slide, arcade, a private party room, and a party helper (which means I didn't have to clean up!). I'm glad we didn't have it outside because it was way too hot that day! For food, we kept it simple by ordering pizzas, and cut fruits and vegetables with tzaziki and hummus.

We also had a face painter come that I had met at the Farmer's Market the previous weekend, which was a big hit with the kids. Maya got a big yellow bee painted on her face! And she also got her dolly's face painted too! The other kids loved their face paint so much that I heard from their parents later on that they refused to take it off before bed!

Celebrating along with us, we had friends and family - some old and some new. I let Maya invite 5 friends from her school too. We were also blessed because her favorite cousin from Seattle drove all the way up for her party and they had a wonderful time playing together. We felt very special that they did that for us.

The only thing that was missing were both of our parents - my parents are currently in Europe; and my inlaws are in the Caribbean. After last year's joint family vacation, we really missed their presence! Luckily though, some of my aunties were there, in place of our parents'.

For party favors, we got t-shirts made from some of Maya's paintings, and gave one to each of the kids. Husband-ji made "designed by Maya" tags, which was very innovative!

For her birthday cake, we got a custom designed eggless chocolate mousse cake from Ganache Patisserie that had a big mermaid on top. I also got pirate plates and cutlery to go along with it, since that was the only thing at the party store that wasn't Disney themed!

This year, Maya was so aware that it was her birthday. She loved having all of her friends there, and she was singing the happy birthday song to herself - on repeat - all day! And now she proudly announces that she's "three"!

In the evening, we walked (and she scooted) up to her favorite restaurant for dinner - just the 3 of us - where we shared a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate ice cream sundae. 

Every year that she grows older, it just gets more and more fun!



  1. So wonderful! What a beautiful celebration. <3 The pics won't load for me, except the two. You two are shining so brightly with happiness.
    You are such a good mommy. Edit: You are both amazing parents!
    What a beautiful day.
    My, I would love to try that eggless chocolate mousse cake. and the pictures finally loaded
    Lol.. Wow! Everything looks amazing. <3

  2. Alex,

    Wow! what a great Birthday celebration for Maya. Loved her cute little dress. The cake looks so yummy. Great family pictures, thanks for sharing with us! Such a sweet family.


  3. Happy birthday Maya! You guys are doing a great job of raising her.

  4. Sweetest Happy Birthday Maya! Keep Going Great!!

  5. happy birthday Maya
    best wishes....from -Nikhil

  6. Happy Birthday Maya, I love the commemorative and fun shirt!

  7. many happy returns of the day


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