Sunday, June 7, 2015


June 7th, 2015

Dear Maya,

I can't believe it has already been three whole years since we had you. I remember, and will always remember, the exact moment we first met you. Daddy and I cried so much together, as we saw your face for the first time. That together, we had somehow created the most amazing being - you...

You came out of me, wide awake, as if you already knew it all.

In many ways, these three years have gone by so fast. I have watched you grow from a little baby to an adventurous, confident girl. I have learned more by being your mother than I have ever learned doing anything else. Getting to know you and seeing your personality develop has been the greatest blessing to me. For some reason, God paired us together and sent you to me, and me to you. More than anything, I feel grateful that God picked me to be your mother.

Before we had you, Daddy and I were so worried that we wouldn't be good parents. That we would take something precious and just fumble and be clumsy and mess it up somehow. We aren't perfect people, and we aren't perfect together, but we try our best and we hope that our deep love for each other and our family shines through. Raising a child seemed like such a huge responsibility, but we didn't realize that in reality, you'd help raise us.

Knowing you, I know you're going to be okay no matter what and I don't worry for you at all. I know that when you fall, you will pick yourself right back up. I love you unconditionally, and without a single ounce of worry. You came into this world with such a fast fury, just like a fireball that will take this whole planet by storm. You have already made your mark on the world, through everyone you meet. 

I am honored to be your mother. I love you, more than words can ever say...




  1. Such a cutie lol Happy birthday Maya! It falls on a Saturday this year which is perfect :)

    On another note, nice pic - what a way to contrast the joy and vitality of childhood with the indifferent, potbellied, couldn't-crack-a-smile-if-they-wanted-to lethargy of the adults in the background haha

  2. So beautiful, Alex!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE PRINCESS <3 I hope you have a wonderful day <3


  3. Happy birthday cutiepie!
    Lots of love and blessings

  4. Happy birthday Maya! May you have all the happiness in the world.

  5. Alex,

    What a beautiful post, such a lovely letter. Happy Birthday Maya! What a joy you are to your Mom and Dad and entire family.


  6. awww so cute letter for MAYA by her MUMMA .. so nice ALEX ... ha[[y bday to dear MAYA ..luve u baby lods of luv n blessing to dear maya ...
    we all mothers have same feeling alost but wrtie in such a way ..its ur talent :) Great ALEX :)

  7. Happy bday Maya!!!!

    Loads of love and kisses <3

    Ketaki Maasi

  8. Happy Birthday, Maya! You look like such a happy, sunshiny baby :) Even the sight of your pictures and dazzling smiles perks me up..

  9. That is a lovely touching letter. Happy Birthday to Maya :)

  10. A very happy birthday dear Maya!! Lovely post Alex :)

  11. What a beautiful, lovely, cute and nice post/letter! Maya is such a cutie!! Happy Birthday to her!

  12. A very happy birthday to Maya :-) This post is wonderful to read! :)

  13. Belated happy birthday to Maya! What you said about learning as a parent is so true- more than our children learning from us I believe we learn from them and what we learn from them transforms us so completely.


  14. many happy returns of the day to maya and blessings.

  15. very nice post. wonderful expression of thoughts

  16. Gorgeous little girl she is!


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