Saturday, July 18, 2015

Call for submissions: Your Intercultural Love Stories

Okay folks, we have made it halfway through the year with our special Saturday love story feature, and I really really want to keep this series going, hopefully until the end of the year...or longer!


1. Many intercultural couples know no other couples like "us".
2. Sharing your journey is important and it can help other people a lot.
3. Every story is unique and worth telling!
4. We can all learn from each other by sharing personal stories of fearless love, resilience and adaptability.
5. Let's celebrate every color!!!

If you want to remain anonymous, I can use stock photos and alias names, so if you're more private - we can work around it!

I am looking for couples of ALL mixes and backgrounds!

And I am particularly interested in featuring more Indian inter-caste & inter-regional couples (hello, WHERE are you guys?!?!), LGBT couples, Blindian couples and Chindian couples.

Email me at to share your story on this site!

Click HERE too see my featured couples!



  1. Lol.. Intercaste/Inter regional Indian couples are kinda feeling the pressure of being a little less exotic/interesting compared to you guys. An Indian's words, not mine.


Respectful comments only, please! (That means you, anonymous.)

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