Monday, July 6, 2015

My Summer reading list

Now that school is over for the Summer, and has been filled with endless days by the pool, and I have spent many days and nights being buried in my books. There is nothing that quite excites me like getting lost in a good book, which is very much a secret world for me.

As a mother, reading is the ultimate luxury where I feel like I can just have a moment to catch my breath and devour the words on the page. And yes, I still read old-school style, with manually turning the pages like an old fart! I we really need more screen time? No thanks!

There is a bookstore near my workplace, which offers great deals so I don't feel bad to browse and then consequently spend like $200. When I get to that point that I am carrying so many books that I am staggering to the check-out counter, I know it's time to go. Somehow, my preferred customer 20% off card doesn't really make a difference....but rather books than shoes, right?! I usually give my mum the books first, as an offering of "you birthed me so you can have first dibs", but really she could actually qualify for the Guinness World Records because she reads one book per night. Then, I read the book and sometimes it takes me 1-2 weeks or less, depending on how much I love it. Then, I give it to my auntie to read, but only if it is a "happy" novel because she can't handle even a mosquito being killed off in the story. And then, I have a special book pile in my room for my next shipment to my MIL, who loves to read. And then, the books get donated to the public library in Jamaica.

Before you judge me any further, I do like to get books from the library as well. The Vancouver Public Library has this free service where you can request books and the library will ship it to your closest branch. And then you can check out the books for 2-6 weeks. But sometimes it gets months to get the latest best sellers, because all the other reading minions have requested it already. And plus, if I got ALL my books from the library, then my mum/auntie/MIL wouldn't get a chance to read it. So really, I am doing to for a greater cause....ha ha!

This year, I set a goal on my GoodReads that I would read 20 books, of which I have read 13 already so far. You should really see my "want to read" list - it is practically a hoarder's paradise with 500+ books on my bucket list!

This Summer, I'd like to read these 6 books:

- The Good Girl, by Mary Kubica (thriller)
#GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amaruso (because I'm a boss too)
Hausfrau: A Novel, by Jill Alexander Essbaum (a cheating bored housewife, how juicy!)
The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah (a war novel)
Yes Please, by Amy Poehler (love her!)


Dear readers, what are you reading for the Summer?


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