Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Parents' Night Off!

Recently, my parents took Maya for her first overnight sleepover! 

My mum has wanted to do this for a long time, and has really started to take the initiative to help us out more this year. It also helps that Maya is potty trained and quite independent. Husband-ji wasn't sure that my parents could handle it, but I was confident that they could - and honestly, I was desperate for a night off and a chance to sleep in!

It has been difficult for my mum this year since my dad has been sick. She has had to carry a full load - both at home and at work - but she has taken a real joy in Maya. Being with kids is the perfect distraction - they instantly lift your spirits with all the funny things they do. My dad isn't well enough to do much of anything with Maya, but he does love to read books to her, which is a special activity they do together.

Maya was so excited to spend the night at grandma's house and took great care in packing her overnight suitcase! It reminded me of all the sleepovers that I had at my grandparents' place and how it was so much fun for me when I was little. Grandma's house is always so much fun for kids!

For our first parents' night off, we had the best time and we were so relaxed. With Maya, we are on such a strict schedule that it was really nice to take a night off and do things slowly with no time constraints. 

After I dropped Maya off, I immediately came home and started on my makeup. Originally, I was just going to do a little bit, but then I decided to do a full face and smoky eye (thanks to Make Up For Ever!) because clearly, I had so much time on my hands! I wore a chic black dress and a two-tone silk dupatta that husband-ji got me from Alaska.

We went to our favorite vegetarian restaurant (Acorn) and for once, took our time eating our meal. Even when we hire the babysitter for a date night, it always feels rushed to go to dinner because we have to be back by a certain time. 

After that, we were stumped as to what to do, so we ended up doing something totally random. We went nearby to Bloedel Conservatory which is on top of a big hill that overlooks the city. We toured the lush conservatory which had many endangered tropical birds and beautiful orchids. After that, we came outside and the sun was setting over the city, so we just sat there at the lookout point together. It was romantic, impulsive, and spur-of-the-moment!

Later on, we caught a late night movie and went for Cheesecake at 1am! We walked back to our apartment in the dark, deserted streets, under the stars - and proceeded to sleep in until 11am the next morning! When I woke up, I felt like a new woman! To sleep in naturally is such a luxury! I couldn't have asked for a better night "off"!

When we went to pick up Maya, my parents were totally exhausted. We found them passed out on the couch among the toys - it was such a funny sight! I was so thankful for that special night, and since then Maya has been asking when she can go back to grandma's!



  1. Alex,

    Wow, you look gorgeous! Love your black chic dress and dupatta. So glad you had such a relaxing date night. Maya looked like she had a good time with Grandma, she is so sweet. The conservatory looks beautiful, that was a great idea and it was a good way to end your date night. Sleeping in does wonders for you. You all have a great week.


  2. You look ultra glamorous!

  3. Loved ur make up...maybe u can do a post abt how u apply ur make up to flatter ur face? So glad u got time to urself!

  4. Some makeup tutorials would be fab
    Especially Smokey eyes and any eye makeup

  5. Wow.. So pretty u look. Also what time do you ppl have dinner? I mean it is not even dark when you guys went to the conservatory!. 5:00pm ? Lol. It is still chai time here.

  6. hi Alex .. u looking goergeous .. eyes are totally "KATILANA " !!!! :P
    its nice ..u got some time with husband ..
    maya suitcase is cute ...
    BbYE ..

  7. Wow I normally am not a big makeup fan. But, your makeup is so elegantly done!!! I want to learn how to do those smokey eyes


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