Monday, July 27, 2015

Saturdays with Daddy

One of our weekly routines that has really been working for our family lately is husband-ji's special day with Maya - every Saturday!

As we have our own business, husband-ji has to work 6 days a week, which hardly gives him enough 1-on-1 time with Maya. A while ago, we devised a plan wherein I sub in for work for him on Saturdays, so he can spend the whole day with Maya. This has been beneficial for all of us - I get to be an adult and work for an entire day uninterrupted; and husband-ji gets an entire day with his daughter - without me. 

As a mother, I have to stop myself from hovering over both of them, and this arrangement helps us tremendously! When I had meningitis, husband-ji had to take off work and take care of Maya for 7 days completely by himself and he could hardly handle her at all, feed her, dress her, or brush her hair. I realized then that he just needed more time with her to know how to do all these things by himself. By doing these special "Saturdays with Daddy", he has really come a long way in his confidence as a dad! And now, they have so much fun together!

It is always interesting to see the kinds of things they do together. And it is a big secret from me! All morning long they will be whispering about their secret plans. I only find out about what they did when I get home from work on Saturday evening and Maya eagerly tells me with delight! It is so heart-warming, and it makes me feel so much affection towards him as a co-parent.

For example, several times they went to the Aquarium. I think husband-ji does this because it reminds him of his Biology professor mum. Maya is also obsessed with Beluga whales.

Another weekend, he took her to a rock concert that they had at a local street festival. Maya was in the front row and dancing like crazy!

And he also took her to the Bloedel Conservatory to see the parrots.

With me, I always take her to the park or the beach or something relatively boring like that. But with Daddy, she does all this extra-special stuff! Both of them look forward to it all week long!

Coincidentally, "Saturday with Daddy" is also one of our favorite story books! I think Maya loves this book a lot because it's so similar to this routine we do! Saturdays with Daddy is our "new normal"!

Coincidentally, in such an uncanny parallel, I have started a new ritual of my own, where I spend every Friday morning with my Dad. Even though he gives me anxiety, and even though he doesn't really take care of himself, I realized that I still need my dad. And that I'd just better spend time with him, because who knows how long he will even be around. I can't control the outcome of his health, but I can prioritise my schedule so that I can spend quality time with him, at least once per week. And I'm quite surprised to say, that in fact it doesn't make me anxious - it gives me something to look forward to! For me, the real joy in life is about spending time with family.


Dear readers, what's the "new normal" in your family?
Do you have any special routines that you do that really work for your family?



  1. Hey! Does your dad have his finger in his glass of water?!??! ;)

    1. He is turning a twist-top salt shaker.... O_o

  2. Hi Alex,

    Love this post, so glad Husband-Ji has Saturday with his daughter, these are all great photos. You have a great idea of letting him take off from work on Saturdays to spend with Maya. When she grows up she will look back at all these wonderful days she has spent with you both. Great idea about spending time with your Dad, I am sure you have enjoyed this time with him.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. This is so cute.

  4. Alexandra, that is wonderful- both for your daughter and husband as well as for you. I know my daughter really enjoys her dad time because they get to watch Battle Bots together and shout at the TV if one of their favorite robots is not winning or just hang out and do nothing...The relationship with both parents is so important because my husband and I are such different individuals and we really are able to ring out different facets of the daughter's personality.


  5. fatherhood suits you you are born foe it.


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