Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunset fireworks on Canada Day

This year marks husband-ji's first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen, so we knew we wanted to do something special. This Summer, the beach has been our daily hang-out and when we found out there would be fireworks, we knew we had to spend the evening there!

This Summer will mark our 6th year that we have settled back in Canada, but we are always too lazy to celebrate Canada Day. In previous years, we always just relax at home or go out shopping. Husband-ji hates crowds, so we usually try to avoid the parades.

This year, we brought traditional Neapolitan pizza down to the beach and ate dinner with our friends while the kids played. We watched the sunset together, followed by the fireworks which were on a barge on the opposite side of the Bay.

It was a beautiful way to spend husband-ji's first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen!


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  1. Happy Canada Day! Great pictures of Maya playing on the beach with her friend. Love the fireworks.



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