Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our second honeymoon

It has been many years since we went on our honeymoon vacation post-wedding (we went to Ajanta-Ellora, New Delhi & Agra) but we haven't had a chance to take a second honeymoon together after experiencing the second biggest milestone in our lives - becoming parents!

A lot of couples put their marriage aside when they have kids, which is something I never wanted to happen to us. First and foremost, we are a couple, and there would be no children without our love. Plus, we owe it to them and to our lifelong commitment to each other to keep it strong. That is why I have always made a conscious decision to venture out on date nights, find a babysitter, and ask my parents to watch our daughter for overnight stays. Now that my parents have offered to watch Maya overnight regularly, I asked them a big favor if they could possibly watch her for 2 nights so that we could go on a special weekend trip. They agreed! So, I planned a special, super-romantic weekend nearby - a second honeymoon of sorts....

We ventured up the British Columbia coast to a beautiful hotel called Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, which is located on the Sunshine Coast. From Vancouver, you have to take the ferry for 40 minutes through all the little coastal islands (gorgeous) and then you have to drive up the coast for about an hour. 

The thing I really loved about staying here was that it reminded me that so much of my own country is uninhabited. Sometimes I forget that, because we live in such a busy city. We saw blue herons, seals, eagles, salmon, and got a taste of the natural wildlife that seems so much more permanent and outlasting than us city folk in our concrete jungles!

Our accommodation was very unique, as we stayed in the resort's luxury "tent house suites", which is like "glam-ping" (glamorous camping). The tent house suites are much more isolated from the main resort, and to get to them, you have to take a 10 minute wooden board walk through the trees. The tent houses are spread out, each giving each other privacy. Many are located right on the side of the cliffs so that each have an unobstructed view of the ocean.

The ocean was so fresh that you could see the rocks below from our tent house. I got a chance to swim in it amongst the fish, and it was one of the freshest, crispest waters I have ever experienced. 

We also went out on a fabulous sunset kayaking trip up the coast for a few hours, which was the closest husband-ji had ever come to a body of water. Husband-ji is very afraid of water and has never swam, so it was an absolute miracle to get him in a kayak! He did amazing and as soon as he saw the landscape from the water, he wasn't scared any more - and I think he understood why we swim. I think it was a big milestone in getting over his fear of water.

Besides the kayaking & swimming, our tent house was so nice that we hardly left the room the entire time! The resort offered room service, so we just ordered all our meals to the room and ate it on our gorgeous private patio. The sunsets were simply amazing. I think we must have sat together on our patio for hours on end. There was no TV or internet, so it was great to completely unplug.

There was also this notebook in the room, filled with journal entries from other couples who had stayed there - the first entry was 2010. It was mesmerizing reading all these other people's handwriting and words - it was so personal. It made me think of their love, and our love following in their footsteps.

The trip gave us a chance to reconnect with each other, experience nature, and it also really made me appreciate what we have together.

When the weekend was over, we arrived back to Vancouver totally relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated! I hope I can make this an annual honeymoon! Wouldn't that be grand!

(My dresses are from Anthropologie)



  1. Looks great! Glad you had such an enjoyable time together.
    I've been trying to get my boyfriend to kayak, but he injured his shoulder so I understand that he doesn't want to risk it.
    Funny enough he also doesn't like swimming. A year ago he went into the ocean with me, walked deep enough so the water was up to his shoulders and said "there. I'm swimming with you. I hope you're happy because this is the only time it will happen!" lol. This year, however, he said he's open to swim in a lake. Progress!

  2. Beautiful! Congrats on your Second Honeymoon- I think it's a great idea that you went and could share these marvelous moments together! I agree with what you said about most people putting their marriage aside for the sake of their kids; as a South Asian brought up in the west, I think it's pretty much the norm in our Asian societies. You hear too often of the parents who literally sacrifice everything for their kids, to the point where they literally don't know what to do with themselves once the kids are grown up and married, so they start to intrude upon their lives! The idea of an independent sense of self (as opposed to a self based on social needs or duties) is foreign to a lot of us. Yet in Asian societies, couples can endure this continual self-sacrifice for the kids' sake because traditionally, the idea of divorce has been anathema- they stick together no matter what. But in the West, it isn't, and I think it's more common for such parents to become tired of each other and leave. But in general I think it's a very good idea to recharge with evenings or weekends alone with just each other; it does everyone a world of good!

  3. Alexandra,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and have enjoyed seeing the progress you have made personally as a mother and in your marriage to your husband. What I mean by that is that I can see how much you have matured through your various life experiences. It's great to see you and your husband taking time to enjoy each other even though you have a child. My husband and I have a son who is almost 15 months old. Unfortunately we do not have any immediate family that lives close by (i.e. our parents), but we do have some extended family from his side who live in this area. I can't even remember the last time we had a date where it was just us. However, our 4 year anniversary is coming up and luckily my mom will be in town to watch the baby so we can take a day trip to see the sites in the major city we live by now. I think it will be just what we need! Good for you in making these dates and together time such a priority. I think when our children see us a relaxed and happy, they sense that and are happy too. :)

  4. Alex,

    Awesome second Honeymoon! Love the pictures of the scenery, can't get much better than that. Love the Tent Suite accommodations. Glad you both had a great time, loved the picture of Husband-ji in the kyak. So proud of him.


  5. This place looks so gorgeous! I wanna go there too! Glad that you could have some alone time :)

  6. Gorgeous...so jealous :)

  7. How nice ! <3 (Pad)


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