Thursday, September 10, 2015

A new family tradition

One of the things that I have in common with my inlaws is that we share a love for traveling and experiencing new places. I would say that this is the main thing that I have in common with my FIL, even more so than my MIL.

My FIL has to travel a lot for his work, but he also loves to travel for fun to places that he has never been to. In this way, he is very different from the typical Indian elder, who views traveling as a waste of money. Through our love for travel, we have been able to connect a lot.

Sometimes I feel like there are two types of people in the world:
a) People who stay in one place and accumulate their wealth; people who love routine.
b) People who prefer to spend on traveling; people who crave adventure and exploration.

Both me and my FIL fall into the second category of people - and although it might be too early to tell, I think Maya is one too (mother's intuition!)

A few years ago, we started this cool new thing that has kind of become a family tradition, of sorts. Every year, we pick a place that we've never been to before and we travel there together - joint family style! 

My inlaws have been to Vancouver more than ten times, and we have almost explored all there is here with them. Now that Maya is older and can handle flights really well, we prefer to meet somewhere and explore it - all together! It all started with our Venice trip last year, for Maya's 2nd birthday. We all coordinated to be off work, our flights, and schedules, to be on the other side of the world, vacationing together. We all had such an amazing time that we all agreed that we had to do it again.

Since then, we did a trip to Hyderabad together; and most recently, we just returned back from a Summer road trip to Yellowstone National Park (stay tuned for that upcoming post about our trip!).

(Yellowstone road trip family selfie!)

And now, we are brainstorming our next joint family vacation! Planning a trip together is probably my favorite thing to do! We always have so much fun together, and plus - the memories last forever...



  1. Oh my, what a great picture of everyone!

    How much fun. Just love to hear about your new adventures and vacations. Great place to go, Yellowstone park. Lots to see and do there. Maya is so cute, she sure has grown a lot. Good to see see your Mother In law and Father In law and Husband-ji! Everyone looks great.


  2. It is great that you share a love for travel. It is an awesome way to connect and have fun together at the same time.

    My mother-in-law loves to travel as well. We are in the process of planning a trip to Beijing together next year.

  3. Oh, I love the last photo. What joy!


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