Monday, September 28, 2015

Highlights from our Summer

Now that the crisp, cool Fall air has settled in, I am feeling a bit sad to say goodbye to Summer. With Maya being in school this year, and off for the month of August, it felt like an actual, real Summer vacation. I also cut back on my work hours so I could spend more time with Maya and my dad.

We were total beach bums and spent so many days and evenings at the beach, where Maya would collect shells, swim, and build sand castles, and we would relax. We swam nearly every day, either in the pool or in the ocean.

Maya had her first official sleepover at Grandma's house, and did so well that by the end of the season we got to sneak away for a Romantic weekend up the coast.

We also enjoyed having a TON of ice cream this Summer. Just couldn't resist! In Vancouver, all these gourmet ice cream shops have opened up, so of course we had to go....again, and again. (Okay fine - it was like every week! Maybe a few times a week. Maybe it was like every other day...ha ha!)

We met up with a lot of our friends and family this Summer and had lots of kids' play dates too. We are starting to have a great network of friends with kids.

We got to do so many fun outings like celebrating Greek Day, the Indian Summer Festival, Science World, Celebration of Light fireworks competition, Stanley Park miniature train, the Fair at the PNE, Museum of Anthropology, forest walks, and of course hanging out at the playgrounds.

We also had a lot of fabulous outdoor dinner parties at my parents' house.

Maya also learned how to ride both a scooter and her tricycle, which was so much fun to see. She has been zipping around our neighborhood like an absolute terror!

We did a lot of traveling this Summer, going to Seattle, Half Moon Bay, and then Yellowstone National Park.

I read so many books this Summer, and Maya has equally become a big book addict too. Whenever we go to the library, she refuses to leave because she wants to read more books - which totally makes me like I'm doing a good job at this parenting thing!

Maya also became even more obsessed with animals, and has to stop and pet every dog she meets!

This Summer was really fantastic, but I am really excited about all the fun things that we're going to do this Fall & Winter! I am also relieved that Maya is back in school, because I'm utterly exhausted. Now I'm getting back to work, and also - no more ice cream!!!



  1. I especially love the first picture ! You all look so happy and healthy, just reading the post I feel energized.(Pad)

  2. Alex,

    What a great summer you all had! Two wonderful trips, lots of great things you got to see and do, so glad you had these experiences. Maya is so cute on her little bike, that was great fun for her. Thanks for sharing.


  3. What an inspirational post! I can only aspire to have such great summers in the future.
    And Maya grows cuter by the day! Lovely to see her growing and exploring the world. :-)



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