Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our joint-family Summer vacation to Yellowstone National Park

Last month, we went on our annual Summer vacation to none other than Yellowstone National Park! Every year, we like to meet up with my inlaws by choosing a special travel destination that we have never been to before, and explore it together, which has become a wonderful family tradition that we look forward to. Husband-ji and I went to Jackson Hole 5 years ago, except we went for work so we didn't have a chance to see much. This time, it was purely for fun!

My inlaws wanted to see Yellowstone National Park (it's on their traveling bucket list) and I thought it would be a great trip for Maya as well. Maya LOVES animals, and she is very much a wild girl, so it made sense to take her on a "great outdoors" vacation! 

The trip was so educational for all of us. Not only did we get to be in nature all day, but we got to see tons of wild animals in their natural habitat. We saw at least 300 bison, moose, elk, and eagles. We also learned so much about rock formations, and volcanic activity by seeing all the geysers and hot springs. I got Maya a pair of kids' binoculars and she had them around her neck the entire time! She also got this pink suede cowboy hat and refused to take it off, which was a big hit with the locals.

The only problem with the park was that there was very limited vegetarian options for husband-ji and my inlaws. I was secretly thrilled to eat beef chilli, which seemed to be a staple there! I am glad that we stayed in our Air Bnb rental because we just cooked our own vegetarian food to bring with us. ("We" being my MIL, chef extraordinairre!)

We ended our trip by driving up to Montana to see husband-ji's favorite professor from college, who we last saw when he attended our wedding 4 years ago. We all stayed in his cabin, which was in a very remote place on the hills and 1 mile to the nearest neighbor! My inlaws had never been to a place that was so isolated - it was a totally new experience for them. My MIL surprisingly ended up liking it a lot! He built the entire cabin by himself and it was very impressive. Of course, we took over the kitchen with our traveling on-the-road full-service Indian kitchen, and he was delighted at the Indian meals we made him.

Our trip itinerary went like this:

Day 1 - Everyone fly into Jackson Hole, rent car and spend the night.

Day 2 - Have brunch in Jackson Hole and go shopping.
Drive North through Mormon Row & Grand Teton National Park.
Arrive in West Yellowstone to our Air BnB rental.

Day 3 - Explore the South loop of Yellowstone National Park.

Day 4 - Explore the North loop of Yellowstone National Park.

Day 5 - Rest day in West Yellowstone.
Husband-ji & FIL went out hiking/taking additional pictures.

Day 6 - Check out of Air Bnb rental. 
Drive from West Yellowstone to husband-ji's professor's cabin in Montana.

Day 7 - Explore Bozeman and go to the Dinosaur museum.

Day 8 - Flying back home out of Bozeman.

It was great to go on a fun road trip like this together, and it is definitely a trip we'd never forget! We got to spend some good quality time together, which is so important when we live so far from each other. Maya still has her binoculars, pink cowboy hat, and now she wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween!


Our outfits:
My patterned dress is from Anthropologie.
My pink tunic & MIL's orange tunic is from Kilol.
Maya & thatha's matching shirts are her design from our Etsy shop.


  1. Alexandra, I saw your husband at LaGuardia airport here in NYC on Monday afternoon! I recognized him right away and couldn't believe I was actually spotting someone from a blog! Too funny! I didn't say hi though since he would probably think I was crazy!

  2. Cuteness overload! Right from Maya to thatha:-)

  3. Alex

    Just love all your pictures. So glad Sandhya and your Father in law was able to go, great pictures of them. Yellowstone park was a favorite vacation place for my family. Love the pictures of the animals. Maya is so cute with her pink cowboy hat. Thanks for sharing these special photos.



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