Sunday, October 25, 2015

Call for submissions: more intercultural love!

It has been 8 months filled with many fabulous submissions for my new Saturday feature - My Intercultural Love - where I interview real life couples on their journey and how they make their relationship work. So far, I have featured 33 couples!

I know there are not too many of us out there, but it is up to US to represent ourselves. When was the last time you saw other couples like us, especially represented online or in the media?

You can also anonymously answer the Q&A, and I can use stock photos if you are a more private person. (Examples of the anonymous submissions HERE and HERE).

I am looking for couples of ALL ethnicities to share their journey. Let's keep this series going for as long as possible! Let's stop hiding in caves! I know you're out there!

Please email me at: and I will reply with my Q&A. The posts will be published weekly on Saturdays on a first come, first serve basis.

Read my previous Intercultural Love Story features HERE!

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