Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween from years past

Other than Christmas, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays out West, and it has been really fun to see Maya experience it year after year and get creative with it. Husband-ji has also been learning about Halloween slowly over the years...and has finally agreed to dress up with me this year! His costume is absolutely terrifying...stay tuned!!!

October is a fun month because it kicks off with my birthday (of course!), and then Canadian Thanksgiving, ending with Halloween.

I think we like Halloween so much because:
a) I love anything scary
b) We get to put our artistic talents and creativity to work - carving pumpkins, decorating the house...
d) It's a family-friendly festival

Things we do every October, leading up to Halloween:
- go to the pumpkin patch
- brainstorm our Halloween costumes
- read children's books about Halloween
- watch horror films, especially on Halloween night!
- purchase a few new decorations
- decorate my parents' house
- carve the pumpkins (done 1 week before)
- purchase candies to give out

The day after Halloween, we're basically on a candy hangover and do nothing all day! November is a much quieter month, except for Diwali!

Here's a look at how we celebrated Halloween over the years:

(Me at age 6, at my grandma's house for Halloween)

(Our first official Halloween in Canada was in 2009)

(We realized we were pretty awesome at carving pumpkins)

(Maya was a pink elephant for her first Halloween)

(For her second Halloween, she was a bunny rabbit)

(Last year she was a black cat and I could hardly get her in the costume! I had to paint the whiskers on when she was sleeping!)

(But then after knocking door to door for candy, she wanted to dress up every day!)

(sharing candy with grandma)

After visiting Yellowstone and the Wild West, she is obsessed with being a cowgirl! She is practicing daily by proudly stomping around in her cowboy boots and saying "Yee-haw!And we are joining her by dressing up too - both me and husband-ji! (Yes, we are those annoying parents who dress up with our kids! Ha ha!) I never could get husband-ji to dress up before, but this year he is all for it! I am in such a celebratory mood that I might even dress the dog up too!


Dear readers, what are your plans for Halloween?



  1. I think your angel costume and Maya's pink elephant costume are adorable! Bon week-end!

  2. Alex,
    Happy Halloween to you and Husband-ji. Love these pictures of Maya dressed up in her little costume, she is adorable! What fun she will have stomping around the neighborhood for her treats. These are great traditions for all of you to share together.


  3. Good that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. The kids'll be out early and stay late that means, so more candy for them. More door-answering for us adults though (sigh! lol) but at least they'll enjoy it. Have a good time trick-or-treating!

    1. Thank you! It will be hard next year...Diwali is on October 30th! Gah!


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