Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My 30th Birthday celebrations

(Maya's cake decoration)

A decade ago, I was celebrating my twentieth birthday with my gaggle of girlfriends by playing laser tag and then going dancing and getting drunk. Now that I am THIRTY and totally boring, I had a quiet celebration with my family, which turned out to be just as nice!

I started by spending the majority of the day in my pajamas, being fabulously lazy and watching Netflix while playing Lego's and Thomas the Train sets with Maya. Just me and my girl. My best friend.

Then, we hired our trusted babysitter so that we could have a special date night. Husband-ji showed up at the door with 30 long-stemmed red roses - SWOON!!!!!!!! And bath products. DOUBLE SWOON!!!

He took me out to my favorite restaurant and then we went to a late night movie (The Martian).

My parents had to attend an art gallery opening that night, but my mum still wanted to do something special with us, so we decided to spend the next evening together. They are usually away for my birthday, but this year, my mum changed her entire travel plans for me - I felt so special. We had a little family birthday party and she cooked a fantastic Thanksgiving-style meal which was utterly delicious. Since my dad cannot peel potatoes anymore, she did it single-handedly which was really incredible.

I began to realize that my birthday was also a big thing for her. "I can't believe your thirty," she said. "I remember when I started going into labor. I was two weeks overdue and sitting on the couch watching Dynasty when the contractions started, right around this time. Then I was screaming at the hospital and I was the loudest!" My birth day also symbolizes that day she became a mother. I have noticed this a lot, being a mother myself, that on Maya's birthdays I get so emotional and sentimental too.

Husband-ji brought two cakes from one of our favorite bakeries and we blew out the candles all together, as a trio. 

It was the best....



  1. Alex,

    What a lovely 30th Birthday! Great way of spending the day with your family. Maya is so cute helping you blow out candles and Husband-ji was so sweet to give you beautiful roses. Thanks for sharing these great photos of your celebration.


  2. What were the cakes?

    1. One was vegan chocolate mousse cake, the other was a passion fruit sponge cake!

  3. Happy birthday! 30's a milestone for sure, but any birthday is an opportunity for a mother/father to reflect on the growing child and how far they've come. Here's wishing you a great next decade of happiness, enjoyment, and wonderful memories.

  4. Happy birthday! It does sound like lovely quality time with loved ones. Wow those roses! And you look so pretty in the pictures.

  5. What lovely birthday celebrations ! It was really thoughtful of your mother to change her plans for your thirtieth birthday. You look great in both outfits, I especially like the red one, in the taxi picture. Take care (Pad)

  6. Your sweet nature and generous heart are part check it out
    of what makes you a very special person to me and so many others. I want to wish you a fantastic birthday and a year of pure happiness.


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