Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving in the USA

This week, Americans are celebrating the huge holiday of Thanksgiving in the USA, while we Canadians celebrated it last month in October.

Since my parents' were away and we had a holiday weekend, we decided to make a quick trip down to Seattle to see our Tamil family for the weekend. Over the past few years, we have made soooooooooo many trips to Seattle, as it is only a short drive across the border.

I love Seattle. It is such a great city, and so kid-friendly. It is just enough to get my fix of "American-ness" which I often miss, now that we are residing in Canada. Seattle is a city that is very subtly American. It is not as "Yankee" as places like Texas or New York. It is American, without being too American. Seattle also has a very cool and calm nature, much like many of the cities in the Pacific Northwest. I would compare it to a place like Goa, in terms of it's relaxed attitude - and lots of hippies too!

I also love that Seattle is such a diverse city. Thanks to Microsoft, there is a huge community of South Indians, which we don't have in Vancouver. The Indian food in the Seattle area is much better than the limited options in Vancouver, which are mostly inauthentic Punjabi cuisine.

While we were there, we got to do a lot of fun stuff, such as explore the Public Market, shop downtown, and take the monorail to the Space Needle and The Children's Museum. We have done all these things before, but when Maya was younger and was asleep for most of it! It is fun to do these things again, as she is older. I love seeing the world through her eyes.

The best part of the trip was seeing her play with her little cousin, who is like a big brother to her. Seeing her cousin was more fun for her than a trip to Disneyland!

While the kids played, husband-ji also got to have the chance to spend some good quality "guy time" with his cousin-brothers.

This was our last official trip of the year that we have planned. As winter rolls in, the only plans we have are just to stay home, keep working, and stay warm! It's hard to believe that a year ago, we were in India! Time just flies!


Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! 
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?



  1. So cool! I have been to Seattle just this Summer and I loved the city too!

    Aaw, Maya is such a cutie!! Such a happy kid!!

    1. Thank you! We love going down and exploring!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Alex!

    So glad you go to go to Seattle, that is really neat city. Love the picture of Maya next to her little cousin on the Monorail, very cool! Great pictures of Husband-ji, glad he had a good time with cousin and brother. All pictures of family are wonderful. Wish we had a pikes market here in Texas! You guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving have a fun weekend.


    1. Happy Thanksgiving Melissa! Have a great day and happy weekend! xo

  3. I never went to Seattle, but I HAVE gone to Portland, which is also a Northwest city. Very low-key, laid-back, and a LOT of hipster/emo types. Like Seattle, it's like 'America Lite" - just enough of American flavor to distinguish it from the Canadians, I suppose. For most of my life I had experienced American cities as being pretty bustling, active, exuberant places; I was really surprised at the casual attitude Portland gave off. In a way it was very refreshing, to get away from the packed, urban hurried mentality. I also went to Bozeman, Montana during a vacation to Yellowstone National Park a few years ago. It was very beautiful and ruggedly natural, with mountains and long range fields as far as the eye could see. The people were very friendly; similar to Portland, Bozeman was also very laid back and relaxed, although the people were relaxed in a more earthy, outback and tuned-to-nature way than the emo/hipsters were in Portland. In any case, these Northwestern Cities are a very interesting and unique experience, indeed!

    1. Which city do you live in right now?
      I have been dying to go to Portland but it is an 8 hour drive! I have only been through there briefly.
      Vancouver is like that too, lot of Whole-Foodsy-granola-hipster-recycling people....LOL! There is this funny section in the newspaper that I look at, called "I Saw You" - it has these romantic notes from people who "see" people they like, like missed connections type thing. They are really entertaining. One of them was like "I saw you.....blah blah.....but then you put your soda can into the regular garbage and I didn't like that you didn't recycle!" (And I thought...OMG.....sooooooo Vancouver!!!!)
      I liked Bozeman too! I found it to be more earthy there as well.

  4. You make me want to visit Seattle. Have been to Vancouver - gorgeous city, nice people.

  5. Oh no. Don't ever describe Texas as "Yankee" if you ever go there! Not a good way to make Texan friends! LOL


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