Sunday, November 15, 2015

Now Featured On: World Citizen Storycast

Today I'm sooooooo excited to share with you that I have been featured on a podcast interview by World Citizen Storycast. Marcia and Lisle are a husband & wife team that run this great podcast which focuses on blending cultures and cultural understanding. 

Our interview was fantastic, and we covered wide topics such as: my first time landing in India, gaining acceptance from my Indian family, the biggest fight I ever had with my mother-in-law, and what I love most about being in an intercultural relationship. A lot of things that I haven't had a chance to talk about on my blog yet!

Also, you get to hear my voice & my Canadian accent!

Click HERE to listen!
Click HERE to download!



  1. Hi Alexandra, great interview! Your voice is so sweet... I can't identify the Canadian accent, maybe because you have been in US for some time or because English is not my native language so it's more difficult for me to identify differences. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us one more time! It's always interesting!

    1. Thanks for listening Juliana! My accent is not exactly a traditional accent, but I do have some Canadian pronunciations, of course I didn't realize it until I heard it myself! After living in the South, NYC, and California....and then having an Indian accent is probably a strange combination! LOL

  2. This was so great. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love finding out about new podcasts to listen to. Plus, it was so much fun to listen to your voice after reading your blog for so long.

  3. You sound like a calmer Kim Kardashian. Both Libras, right :)

  4. Alex,

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast and describing the first time you went to India to meet your Mother in Law. You are truly inspirational for many who are in a intercultural relationship. Thanks for sharing all these stories with us.


  5. Great interview ! Love your last comment that in an intercultural relationship nothing is right or wrong, it's just different ways of doing things ! xxx -Pad

  6. Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for sharing this interview with us. I must admit that your voice did not sound anything like I expected! LOL. You actually have a much softer voice than I expected. Your experience is similar to mine when it came to 'dating' your Indian husband and I know how it feels to not have your relationship taken seriously until you have a child. It is true that an intercultural marriage does keep your mind continuously open.

    1. I am very soft-spoken and I have a very feminine voice :) Nobody ever takes me seriously with my voice! LOL

  7. Hi Alexandra,

    I absolutely loved the way you described and and answered the interview. The last part was fantastic! Such wise words from a young person! Your inlaws must be truly lucky! Your voice is so pleasant and totally young Canadian!

    I am from Chennai and live in Surrey.

  8. hi alexandra
    i loved it, you sound so sweet. like canadian queen
    take care


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