Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Our Diwali 2015

Last week, we had the pleasure of celebrate one of the biggest Indian holidays - Diwali. I am always up for an excuse to celebrate, have family time, and enjoy good food together. Every year, I always try to celebrate Diwali for husband-ji so that it makes him feel at home, and also for Maya, because it is important that she have these traditions as she grows up.

Depending on whatever is going on, sometimes I celebrate Diwali in a more or less way. This year, I had big plans, however we all ended up getting horribly sick after our huge Halloween weekend, so we didn't end up doing everything that I wanted to do. However, it was still a nice celebration at home.

The star of Diwali was absolutely our little darling Maya, who I dressed up in a gorgeous blue silk pattu lehenga. Husband-ji got this outfit several years ago in Hyderabad, but it was always too big. Now that she is the size of a 6 year old, it fits her perfectly! (She is only 3.5 years old but super tall!). Last year, it was such an issue to get her dressed up, but this year she absolutely loved it!

This year, I dressed up in a new designer saree that husband-ji got me from Hyderabad, which I didn't have a chance to wear yet. I wore a matching hot pink lipstick which made the look so dynamic. I also wore a new faux-gold necklace which had a Goddess Lakshmi pendant on it. This time, draping the saree was so effortless for me - I didn't need any help at all. And I hardly used any pins! (The sign of a pro!).One day...Maya will be so excited to have my saree collection!

Maya was fascinated by my saree and said I looked beautiful in it, meanwhile trying to crawl under my saree...and trying to use it as a blanket!

At sundown, we placed the idols on our dining table and Maya helped me decorate them with flowers. We lit all the candles together, played a Lakshmi mantra and prayed together. It was really nice to just stop everything and say a prayer for our hopes and dreams. We placed some candles near the window, and opened it slightly so the presence of the Goddess Lakshmi could come in. Maya was absolutely enthralled by the candles and was very excited about wishing everyone a Happy Diwali!

After we recovered from our colds, we invited our friends over for a big Diwali dinner in true Indian spirit! Husband-ji was very eager to cook and he was menu-planning all week long. He was so excited that he even designed a special menu card when he was at work! I swear, his dream would be to open a restaurant one day! 


Happy belated Diwali, dear readers! What did you guys do for Diwali?



  1. You look stunning!! One of the best sarees i have ever seen.

  2. Your saree is breathtaking. I need to go shopping with you sometime. :)

  3. Alex,

    You all look beautiful in your gorgeous pattu lehenga and saree. The blue lehenga looks beautiful on Maya with her coloring. Husband-ji did a great job on the menu, what a feast! Sorry you all got sick, hope you are feeling better, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your festival.


  4. When I saw Maya in pattu pavadai, I remembered the fuss I used to create when I was made to wear one ha ha. Your saree looks gorgeous but most of all I am truly impressed by the menu card for the Diwali dinner! What software did husbandji use to create it?

  5. You look gorgeous in sari and Maya looks cute.

  6. First off, you look AH-MAZING! in that saree. Secondly, Maya is adorable :)

    It looks like you had quite a Diwali feast and a nice at home celebration. Sometimes a small quiet celebration at home beats a loud, busy celebration.

    Although it has now passed, Happy Diwali to you and your family ! <3


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