Monday, November 2, 2015

The Tam-Brams celebrate Halloween!

Although it is a few days after Halloween, we still have a holiday hangover after our very busy weekend celebrating Halloween! This year was double the fun, double the candy, and double the mischief....because we had Maya's cousin visiting us from Seattle.

We have been eagerly awaiting Halloween all month, by setting up the decorations, watching horror films, planning our costumes, and carving pumpkins. We invited our Tamil relatives up from Seattle because they had never celebrated Halloween before in full-force!

This year, Maya was a toy gun-slinging cowgirl and her little cousin was a Ninja Turtle. I was a witch, and husband-ji was a scary pumpkin - his first ever Halloween costume! The kids loved their costumes so much that they wore them all day!

The thing I loved about our costumes is that they were so stress-free this year. They were simple and classic! Maya got her cowgirl hat during our Yellowstone Trip this past Summer, so all I had to get were her cowboy boots which I found at Nordstrom. I also got her a little fringe vest with a sheriff star and a toy gun. My costume only consisted of a witch hat and black items that I already own.

Husband-ji decorated my parents' house as a spooky haunted house, with fog machines, tombstones, and motion activated goblins. He has totally brought the desi festival vigour to take our Halloween to the next level! My favorite decoration this year was this ear necklace a la The Walking Dead, which I hung on one of the sculptures in the front pathway.

We also had a lot of DIY decor this year, thanks to my handy friend Pinterest. We cut out black card stock paper to make bats which covered our front door. I also cut out hand prints to make it look like spooky ghosts were trapped inside. I was secretly proud that I became one of those irritating Pinterest mums!

On Halloween night, we went to my parents' place and we fed the kids a quick dinner, before we went out in the neighborhood for an epic night of trick or treating. Luckily, it was even more busy than it was last year, with an huge number of kids out! We walked about 7 blocks before we had to come back because their candy baskets were so heavy that they were falling over!

The kids also loved handing out the candies to the trick or treaters, eager to see their costumes. It's probably the only time of the year that we get to meet all the neighborhood kids!

Maya fell asleep in the car ride back to our apartment, with chocolate all over her face. The next morning, she woke up saying, "let's go trick or treating AGAIN tonight!!!". She was soooooo disappointed when I told her that she'd have to wait another whole year!


Dear readers, how did you celebrate Halloween?



  1. Sweet! Looks like you had a great time! How did I celebrate? Well we bought two bags of candy to give out to kids, and so few came that we ended up giving out only 1/4 of one bag. At least I didn't have to get up to answer the door so much, plus I get to munch all the rest of that candy!

    1. Hahaha! Leftover candy is the best! I have probably eaten about 50% of the candy....I call it the "candy tax"! :D

  2. Alex,

    Wow! what a great celebration for Halloween! You really went all out this year. Maya is just adorable, love her little pink cowboy hat, vest and spotted pants with her cowboy boots. She looks like she had a blast of a good time with her little cousin. His little outfit was very cute a Ninja turtle. Loved the carved pumpkins very pretty. So happy Husband-ji finally dressed up and got into the Halloween celebration, he looked scary in his pumpkin outfit, good job on your outfit. He also did a great job decorating your parents house, that looked like a mighty scary place once he was finished decorating! You did a great job with your door and the bats! Loved your witch outfit, you are so cute. Looks like the entire Tamil side of the family got into Halloween, they did a great job! SPOOKY, spooky.... Wow! When I was Maya's age my father use to take me around trick or treating and when Maya said she wanted to do Halloween the next day, that was the same thing I use to say. I was so disappointed when my Mom and Dad told me that I had to go to school the next day because the day fell during the week. What a fun celebration with everyone! That's what it is about. How did I celebrate Halloween? I also bought 2 bags of candy and we only had 12 kids come this year. Here in Frisco, Texas it rained earlier in the day. Kind of drizzling rain early in the evening when the children came out. The rest of the candy left our house to be eaten at work! Love your posts, thanks for sharing with all of us. All of you have a great week.


    1. Oh no! Only 12 kids!
      My Halloween memories were also so much fun. I hope she has the same :)

  3. That Mutant Ninja turtle looks pretty scary to me!
    Maya looks like she's from Calgary.

  4. That's a great way to celebrate Halloween ! The costumes are great and your husband did a good job for his first costume, but I really love your witch hat. Some of the pumpkins carvings are amazing, are their yours ?

    We had a low key Halloween, it's not really celebrated here, I bought some pumpkin soup and on hubby's suggestion I carved a small potato wih turmeric filled eyes, a chili mouth and a pepper nose, and we put a lot of orange candles and a few flowers... However my new nextdoor neighbours had a whole night party until 6 am with screaming and jumping on the floor, it must have scared the ghosts more than my potato lol (Pad)

    1. The last picture of the pumpkin carving was at a neighbor's house - people are stepping up their carving game and giving us some competition!


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