Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: for 0 - 18 months

Is it your baby's first Christmas or are you wondering what to buy for a little bundle of joy? Look no further! All these toys are "Maya approved" and things that she loved to play with at that age!

Check out my full list with links below! 
*Note that this list is gender neutral*

1. We had one of these pretend play houses for Maya and she just loved it, especially as she was entering the toddler phase. Anything that makes sounds seemed to really keep her entertained!

2. Small babies can't really play with much, but they sure do love stuffed animals that they can squeeze and hug - especially if you're trying to sleep-train them (crucial in the first 18 months!). Sometimes they need a soft attachment toy to ease the transition, and also something to take out and about in the stroller and on the road. This particular doggy, Boo, is an internet sensation and one of our favorites! Plus, you can really never have enough stuffed animals when you're a kid!

3. Another thing that's essential with babies is to get them used to regular bath times that are fun (ie. one where they're not screaming their head off!). The bath can be frightening for little ones, so it's a great idea to have some bath toys readily available. We used these in and out of the bath, bringing them to play in the living room too. They are a great chew toy as well for teething babies (and our dog also stole a few too!)

4. Right around the age where my daughter started standing up and getting INTO stuff (like pulling out drawers) is when I realized I needed something that could entertain her and keep her occupied. A play cube is an excellent thing to have for children to endlessly explore so you can have a cup of coffee or do some work around the house. Whenever we had other babies/toddlers over, they loved this thing! It's also wooden and very well-made (yay no plastic!)

5. Around this age range, children start babbling their first words like "mama" or "dada" and from then on it is very important to increase their vocabulary by speaking and reading to them frequently. This book is a wonderful personalized gift that you could use to help your child identify her loved ones along with their picture. You could also put commonly used words like "milk" or "toy" to encourage your child's vocabulary to better communicate with you their needs.

6. When children start to take their first steps, they often need the assistance of a walker to hold on to, until they get the hang of it themselves. My aunt gave us this toy for Maya's first Christmas and she loved it. I also noticed that all of her friends had a similar one. I like this one in particular because it has LOTS of buttons to push that light up and keep the kids enthralled. She played with this one well into toddlerhood!

7. What is it with kids and dump trucks? They just can't get enough of 'em! Put the toys in, dump it out, roll it along the floor, take it outside and load it with sand/dirt/rocks/whatever - they love it. Boys and girls alike! This one is pretty cool because it's made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

8. This is one of those toys that my daughter was gifted and I really didn't understand the point of it until I saw her playing with it. I extra loved it when I realized that the blocks fit into one another and tuck away neatly! This stacking tower goes way high and it's fun for kids to build it up and then knock it down (destruction is a common theme among these crazy kiddo's!) I also love that the pattern on it is from The Very Hungry Caterpillar - which is one of our favorite kids' books.

9. I love Ikea because it's friggin' cheap. There, I said it! It's nice to have a place where we parents can go that has good quality kids' toys that are not ridiculously overpriced. This colorful gift is a great toy that helps toddlers develop their motor skills and problem-solve. I think everyone who has ever lived has had some kind of stacking ring toy - it's simple and classic.

10. Babies just love music, sounds, and anything that they can giggle at while they shake around. This deluxe future rockstar music set will be a hit for years to come. And the fact that you can stuff them all into the drum is definitely parent approved!

11. My daughter started playing with these blocks around 10 months old and she just loved them. They are kinda like a version of "baby Lego" that they can stack and make towers out of. It is an exceptional developmental toy for their growing brains. It comes in a giant bag with 70 pieces and you can build so many structures with them.

12. Every kid needs a pully toy that they can drag around behind them. This one is extra fun because it also doubles as a shapes sorter, and the circle goes around as you pull it so it makes a fun noise. The turtle's head also bobs up and down which is a cute touch!

Stay tuned for more gift guides this week!
Happy shopping, dear readers!


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  1. Lovely list! As an older sister and an aunt, I have seen all of these things. People used to say they would never buy the noisy toys for their children, because they annoy them - but it keeps kids so engaged and entertained! :)


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