Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LIVE twitter chat tonight about cross-cultural parenting!

Tonight I'm so excited to announce that I'm going to be participating in a LIVE twitter chat about cross-cultural parenting at 8:30 PM EST. It is hosted by Masala Mommas online magazine [read my featured interview on their site] and joining me will be my fellow experts, Brittany from The Almost Indian Wife [read her love story] and Sheryl Parbhoo [read my guest post on her site]. I absolutely adore these ladies and it is going to be fabulous conversing with them and all of our fans!

As intercultural couples, we are in a unique sphere as we try to navigate beyond our own cultural norms, with virtually no role models on how to do this. Parenting between two diverse cultures can be beautiful, challenging, confusing, and a filled with a lot of learning as you go. What questions do you guys have about parenting across cultures?

Add me on twitter @madh_mama or follow the hashtag #mmculture to join us!


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  1. Oh no I missed it. Is there a transcript somewhere ? - Pad


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