Monday, December 28, 2015

My Favorite Posts of 2015

This year was a big year on my blog where I strived to make it bigger and better. Earlier this year, I was awarded Best Blog of 2014 and I didn't take that lightly. It made me want to keep striving to make great content for my loyal readers and not disappoint them.

This year, I launched the My Intercultural Love series and hustled like crazy to keep it going for the entire year. I was like a total psycho, contacting random couples and asking them if they wouldn't mind sharing their love story. I got a lot of amazing submissions, but I also had to pester a lot of people to be featured. This series turned out to be very popular with my readers and were shared by many. It increased my reader base by word of mouth, and it also created awareness about Intercultural Love. I am hoping to keep this series going permanently, and I am looking for more diverse mixes. I have been very inspired by this series and learning from other couples about how they make their marriage work. I am still accepting submissions on this series, if any of you guys are interested!

Another section that has been going steady this year is the Ask Firangi Bahu advice column, where a reader posts a dilemma and my readers and myself respond. At times, I get more help letters than days of the week. I try to post each one of them, sometimes having to double post them on Fridays. I love this section because it covers a wide range of topics from dating, telling the parents, getting married, long-term partnership - just to name a few! This column creates a forum for problem-solving solutions and a resource among fellow intercultural couples and a space where we can help each other out.

For 2016, I am going to be keeping these weekly sections and trying out a few more new ideas. I will also be keeping all of my personal writing as well. I also hope to keep going with my recipe posts, although they are the most time consuming of all! Full steam ahead!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite personal posts from this year:

As readers, what are your favorite posts? 
What would you like to see more of?



  1. Ummm.. do even remember your jab we met series? Lol. It's been a while you know. Are you gonna discontinue that?

  2. "Many will say they avoid wearing it because they don't want "unwanted attention". On that, I call bullshit. As a mixed couple, we are going to get "unwanted attention" anyway - so we might as well look fabulous!"
    I LOVE LOVE this one!
    This should really be and pasted on EVERY woman's wardrobe mixed couple or not.

  3. I have already been reading your blog for (at least) 1,5 year now, and I still love it. I like it the best when you write about India, your inlaws or how you fuse your cultures, it is so important to have someone who already been through it to learn from. Thanks for writing, looking forward to follow you now in the months to come!


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