Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas celebrations (part 1)

(Maya made this)

This year Christmas was a really big deal because Maya was in school and they were preparing for it for the whole month of December. Every day, she came home with Christmas-themed artwork, and was eagerly practicing her Christmas carols for the school Christmas concert.

(Practicing Christmas carols on the way home from school)

Last year, we were so stressed about Christmas because we got back from India right before, and then subsequently all got sick. This year, we had a lot more time to prepare, but Maya was sick a lot so we spent many days at home relaxing, which didn't turn out to be so bad because we avoided the frenzied Christmas shoppers. I had to do most of my shopping after bedtime, which worked out perfectly.

In the first week of December, we visited the German Christmas Market downtown which was great because we beat all the crowds. They had a lot of fabulous food, folk dancing, Christmas ornaments, and also a children's carousel which Maya loved. We also bought our annual new Christmas ornament from there.

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Shortly after that, we built our tree at home which added such light and beauty to our house. In the evenings, I would wrap some gifts and put them under the tree, and when Maya would wake up in the morning, she would exclaim, "Santa came last night!!!"

We sent out our annual Christmas card, but I should have ordered more. Next year, I will have to order 125 or 150! As we received Christmas cards from others, we displayed them proudly. Maya even made a Christmas card for us!

It was double the fun this year because we got to help my mum decorate her tree as well. My mum always gets a real pine tree and then spray-paints it white because it makes it look more dynamic.

Since Maya loves to bake, I also made sure to make some gingerbread cookies together. It turned out to be a great activity because she cut out the shapes herself and it was really fun for her to use the rolling pin. It was actually my first time ever making gingerbread cookies!

And lastly, I made sure to help Maya make a Christmas list for Santa since she knows how to sign her name. It turned out to be a really funny keepsake! Totally random.

To be continued....!



  1. Adorable! Wow Maya's speaking really well ( I guess that's a Gemini for you :)) Does she know any of her father's language also?

  2. I would rethink the "dinosaur" request to Santa... unless this dinosaur is actually a stuffed toy...

    The folk dancers: were they Finnish? We have something similar during Heikinpäivä.

  3. Maya sings like a little bird. She is a big girl helping her father with the decoration of Christmas tree.

    I sometimes have this irresistible urge of pulling her cheek. So adorable.

  4. Alex,

    Happy New Year! Just love Maya singing Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, good job Maya. She is so adorable and such a big help, your tree was extra gorgeous this year, love the peacocks pirched on the branches. The German village was nice, extra fun with the dancing and food. Loved the wood ornament that you got this year, I buy a new ornament every year, have quit a collection now. Maya is so cute helping her Dad with decorating the tree, this is so great. How fun and exciting.


  5. So cute ! A real angel toy... I want one too ! - Pad


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