Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Blog Make-under!

Today I'm so excited to share my new, simplified blog make-under! I have wanted to update my blog template for a while, and make it less cluttered with simplified navigation. That's why I'm calling it a "make-under" rather than a "make-over"! There's no better time than after New Years to kick off a new blog design.

And voila! Here is a before/after shot so you can see the difference:

I kept the same color scheme of my signature pink, but I paired it with a beautiful feminine understated grey. So chic!

One thing I'm really loving is my top navigation. Having it on top keeps my header space clutter-free.

I also have my new follow buttons at the top of the right sidebar. And by the way, have you guys added me on Instagram yet? People are totally loving me there, especially with my photographic background!

I also installed a "Pin On Pinterest" button that flashes up when your mouse hovers above my image.

I am also loving these quick share buttons at the bottom of each post.

I also installed a "back to top" scroll button that takes you directly to the top of the page.


What do you think guys? 
Do you like it?



  1. You did a great job! Blogger doesn't have to be blah!!

  2. Wow! SNAZZY!!!
    So you picked a template from pipdig or did they custom design this for you?

  3. Hello Alexandra,

    I think your new design looks really good. However, there are a few things that could perhaps need more correction (please don't take it the wrong way at all!). When I now click on the "comment" button of any blog (at the end of a post), I am not taken to the comments section. In fact the page refreshes and takes me back to the top of the post.

    Also, were you able to check how people in say, India or the USA, experience your new blog layout? The one problem I had when I changed my webpage was that people in India found it a little "heavy" on their computers while lots of people in the USA were unable to view certain content (because I had changed to "iframe" based HTML code from "embed").

    Just a few thoughts.
    Keep up the great work!


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