Saturday, January 2, 2016

Indian Festivals 2016

Happy New Year, dear readers! Now that everyone has their new calendars up, it's time to keep note of all the Indian festivals. Even if you don't celebrate them, it's nice to keep note of it so that you can phone your relatives in India and wish them.

(me on Diwali)

The festivals that your Indian family celebrates differs by region, so it is best to ask them first about which ones they celebrate. This list is a general overview with a Southern Indian influence.

Indian Holidays 2016

January 15 - Pongal/Sankranti
January 26 - Indian Republic Day
March 24 - Holi
April 8 - Ugadi
April 13 - Vaisakhi
April 14 - Tamil New Year
April 22 - Hanuman Jayanti
May 21 - Buddha Purnima
August 15 - Indian Independence Day
August 18 - Rakhi
August 25 - Krishna Janmashtami
September 5 - Ganesh Chaturthi
September 7 - Onam
October 11 - Dussehra
October 30 - Diwali


Dear readers, which ones do you celebrate?
Which is your favorite?



  1. Hi Alexandra, Happy New Year to you and family!! :) Thank you for posting the dates. But I think in 2016 Onam will be on 14th September. Prasee

  2. Thank you for compiling this list. However India is a multi religious country. Hence I would rather call this the list of major Hindu festivals with the national holidays thrown in.
    Best regards

  3. Good blog!!!

    Thanks for sharing Indian festivals list.


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