Sunday, January 10, 2016

Join us for a LIVE twitter chat next weekend!

Next weekend - Sunday, January 17th at 7:30 PM EST - I am going to be hosting a live twitter chat that I have organized with Brittany of The Almost Indian Wife [read her love story HERE!]

We are going to be talking about several cross-cultural parenting and relationship topics, such as the challenges of raising a child between 2 cultures, what it means to be a wife/mum in our different cultures, and more!

At the end of our chat, we will also be doing TWO free product giveaways for two of our participants! The winners will be winning something from Festive Roots or Marion Claire Stationary.

The chat will run for approximately one hour and we will be using the hashtag #masalafamily. We welcome all of you to join in with us and share your experiences. Also, if you have any topics that you'd like us to touch on, be sure to let us know!

Let's get talking!


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