Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My New Year's Resolutions

Lately, I have been thinking long and hard about what resolutions I want to set for 2016. I have a unrealistic tendency to set too many at once, so this year I'd like to keep my list short and attainable. It is also very hard to plan anything or set any resolutions when the one thing that you are praying for is completely up to God.

So, for my resolutions this year, I'd like to keep them short and sweet, with room for life.

Take a new course.
I'd really like to take a new class in something this year. Something that I know nothing about. I regret not doing this last year. There is nothing more invigorating and inspiring than taking a class in something that you've never studied before. I also love being around other students.

Exercise more regularly (includes yoga)
This took a total hit last year, as I only exercised when I felt like it and I also didn't want to over-exert myself during the excruciating two week wait. Well, screw that. For me, it is good that I exercise because it's like taking my daily happy pill - it gets me going, and it is so good for me. Instead of pushing myself to run, I'd also like to practice more yoga regularly. That should count as exercise too, and it's good for the body/mind/soul.

Give my daughter more of my undivided attention
As a mum, I am constantly multi-tasking and trying to do ten things at once. Housework eats up way more of my time than I'd like - with cooking, laundry, etc. I'd really like to quit doing all of that so that I can sit down and play with my daughter, at least more often. Because she needs me, and I need her.

Travel somewhere new.
This is kind of an easy one, as we both love to travel and plan vacations. But sometimes, I find myself planning trips because there are so many places that I want husband-ji to see. This year, I'd like to go to one place that I've never been before and explore (a little hard to do...since I traveled so much growing up!)

Practice positive thinking.
This year, I'd really like to focus more on the positives in my daily life. Yes, life can be messy, and chaotic, but everything is as it should be - at any given moment. I'd like to focus on all of our blessings and live in the present moment. This may be the hardest resolution of all, but I'd like to start training my mind to think that way.


Dear readers, what are your resolutions this year?
Please do share....


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  1. My single resolution looks a little paltry after your well thought out list. However, it's still my one SMART goal for the year. In 2016, I want to figure out how to use the pressure cooker without causing a turmeric geyser every time I put it on the stove.


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