Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Christmas celebrations (part 2)

On Christmas morning, we all woke up with such an excitement because we had been preparing for it all month. Maya was so excited to rip open all her presents - and we let her open up all of ours too! To add to the fun, husband-ji's cousin was visiting from Seattle, and it was his first-ever Christmas celebration.

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Maya got so many amazing gifts from us, Santa, and all her aunts and uncles. The best gift was that husband-ji and I got her a miniature play kitchen [featured HERE on my toy gift guide]. Poor husband-ji and Uncle K spent about 3 hours building it on Christmas morning. Somehow, Christmas means that Daddy gets to build all of Maya's toys!

Once it was up, Maya loved it and played with it all day - and every day since! Since she's so into creative play, that it was definitely the best purchase!

While they were busy building, I cooked a big lunch of Andhra Tomato Dal, Aloo Jeera, and rice. Since they are both extremely picky eaters (clearly it runs in the family!) I knew there would be nothing that they wanted to eat at Christmas dinner except mashed potatoes.

That afternoon, we went over to my mum's house for the day, where she was cooking up a storm for Christmas dinner for my dad's side of the family. The house looked absolutely exquisite and her Christmas table was incredible - she used the new tablecloth that we got last year at Good Earth store in Hyderabad.

We opened up all our gifts in the afternoon and Maya was very excited to get a whole second set of new toys - just for grandma's house. They gave her a Puppy Surprise and her first ever Playmobil set - two of my favorites when I was growing up!

My dad's relatives arrived in the evening and we all shared a wonderful Christmas dinner together, followed by homemade pumpkin pie, and more gift opening.

It was definitely the best Christmas yet, and husband-ji's cousin just loved it!


Dear readers, how was your Christmas celebrations?
What did you do?



  1. Alex,

    What a great photo of you, Maya and Ziggy on Christmas morning. Maya just is so adorable with her tiger paws. The play kitchen looks so fun for her, great job. Husband-ji looks perplexed with all those pieces to put together, he did a fabulous job! Maya will enjoy playing with her puppies and playmobile, very cool. Grandmother did a great job of fixing her table, very nice, and everyone else looks like they were having a nice time. Santa did very well this year! Glad Uncle K could come and experience Christmas with you, these are fabulous photos.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great week.


  2. Love the table arrangement and decorations! Fantastic job!

  3. Ya! Puppy surprise! Loved those things growing up. Didn't know you could still buy them.


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