Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Joint-Family Vacation to Hawaii

We just got back from an amazing vacation from Hawaii that left me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and insanely happy. It was a vacation that we booked last minute, fleeing from freezing cold Canada after Christmas to our tropical island getaway. We were also in Hawaii for our oh-so special 10 year anniversary and we did something so thrilling and unique (more on that later!)....

When I was growing up, we spent a lot of time in Hawaii when I was under 8 years old (after that, we explored Asia) and it still stands true that Hawaii is a fantastic place for kids. I remember going on joint-family vacations with my parents, grandparents and 100+ year old great-grandma and all of us being on the beach together. This is an experience that I really wanted to re-create for my daughter too. My parents joined us for the trip and they had a wonderful bonding experience with Maya.

Hawaii is an easy destination for us, as it is a direct 6 hour flight from Vancouver. This time, we chose The Big Island because it is more low-key. Luckily, we went after New Year's, just as all the tourists were leaving.

This trip was one of our best because we got equal time to: relax, explore, family time, and couple time. It was amazing to spend the first weeks of 2016 in Hawaii - the year started off on a great note!

We spent a lot of days at the beach where I would float in the turquoise water and watch Maya play. Maya is becoming an excellent swimmer so I didn't have to chase after her too much (she was mostly chasing me!). I got to do a lot of water activities like paddle boarding, snorkelling, and kayaking. Maya joined me on all these activities, at the head of my surfboard acting like the captain of the ship!

Husband-ji has been refusing to go to Hawaii for years, but this time he finally came with us and enjoyed it a lot. He originally didn't want to come because he loathes the heat and can't swim, thus being cut out of a large amount of our activities. However, he was surprised that the weather in Hawaii was not humid, but pleasant. The best part of the trip was seeing him get into the water up to his shoulders - a major milestone against his fear of water!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from our trip:

Stay tuned for more details about what we did on our 10 year anniversary!



  1. Sweet pics! Hawaii's great- I went to Maui about 15 years ago with my parents. Really wonderful, gorgeous scenery, just a nice place to chill out. Then we went to a Virgin Island about 3 years ago, and it was actually very different. Hawaii then seemed to me quite a bit commercialized, with huge hotels and relatively filled with tourists. The Caribbean/Virgin Islands, depending on where you go, can be a lot more 'low-key' like a secluded-island type feel that you see in those motivational posters, with a palm tree here and there resting atop a white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Not to say Hawaii is bad or anything, it's just a different feel than the Caribbean. Both are wonderful, and have their positives.

  2. Alex,

    Love your post, great pictures and what a wonderful place to vacation. Glad your parents went with you. Maya looks so cute with writing her name on the beach with the stones. Ocean looks so beautiful and Husband-ji so awesome in these pictures. Glad he had a good time in the water and playing with Maya. This was a great place to go and chill out after the holidays.


  3. Lovely pics ! I feel like I would never want to return from Hawai to Minnesota !

  4. Very nice pic.. I hope you guys went to Mauna Kea, which we couldn't as it was scary and raining. Tell us more..

  5. Seems like you people had great fun there. Inspired to visit Hawai soon. Is April a good month to be there?

  6. The weather in Hawaii is lovely in the winter! Lovely, balmy & pleasant. So much to do & see also.

  7. Beautiful photos!! What a great vacation and time for family. Travel should be relaxing as well as invigorating at times. :)


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