Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Twitter Chat on Cross-Cultural Parenting: #MasalaFamily

(Img via Damian Zaleski)

Over the weekend, Brittany and I had a great live twitter chat with our fans, followers, and blog readers about various cross-cultural parenting topics. The chat was sponsored by Marion Claire Stationery and Festive Roots, who each gave away a prize to 2 lucky participants. And thank you so much to all our participants! It was so great to get to converse with you live because I am notoriously slow at replying to comments. We also had some great live questions from readers as well.

Our goal was to basically have a Firangi Bahu twitter take-over to share our experiences with each other by creating a supportive, engaging discussion.

It is wonderful to have a live interaction with my blog readers and share some tips and advice for our masala community. Brittany and I are going to be doing another live twitter chat next month about a different topic (soon to be announced) and we'd love everyone to chime in.

Here are some highlights from our chat:

Q8: I have no idea the closest thing I have experienced to an intercultural community is right now in this live chat lol #masalafamily

— K.Rivera (@Mex33) January 18, 2016

Reader questions:

To read the entire transcript, go to twitter and search #masalafamily
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What about you guys? Can you relate?
Can you answer any of my questions? Tell us about what works in your masala family!


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  1. Wow ! That's an awesome event you have pulled off :) So many POV to learn from.


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